When God Was A Women

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  • Larry

    After reading a few threads about Womens role in society, It reminded me of a book I recently read entitled: "When God Was A Women" by Merlin Stone. Here's a few quotes from her book:

    "Diodorus described a nation in Libya as follows: All authority was vested in the women, who discharged every kind of public duty. The men looked after domestic affairs just as the women do among ourselves and do as they were told by the wives. They were not allowed to undertake war service or to exercise any functions of government, or to fill any public office, such as might have given them more spirit to set themselves up against the women. The children were handled over immediately after birth to the men, who reared them on milk and other foods suitable to their age."

    ""Herodotus of Greece, several centuries before Diodorus, wrote that in Egypt. "Women go in the market place, transact affairs and occupy themselves with business, while the husbands stay home and weave." His contemporary, Sophocles, stated that "Their thoughts and actions all are modeled on Egyptian ways, For there the men sit at the loom indoors while the wives work aboard for their daily bread.""

    ""Diodorus wrote of a nation in this area in which "women held the supreme power and royal authority." According to his reports the queen of this land assigned the task of spinning wool and other domestic duties to the men, while law was established by the queen. He claimed that the rights to the throne belonged to the queen's daughter and succeeding women in the family line."

    Peace - LL

  • Helen

    hmmmmmmmmm another one of those things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • LucidSky
    the husbands stay home and weave

    Ah, yes. Those were the days...

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  • invisible

    Hahahhahahaahaha I was only joking about this, this afternoon with someone, Gods feminime aspect. Seen some of your posts Larry, enjoy them, keep it up, your pecker I mean, not your .... ahhhhh never mind.

    Celtic Mark - Cornwall UK

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