Detroit pictures ???

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  • mouthy

    I have gone through the posts- but I cant for the life of me find the pictures Hmmmm posted ...Dah!! I know I'm a dummy,

    Old age kids .Could someone help me????/PLEASE Rosalyn said she looks funny- this I must see.

    ( O.K. send me a fish head & a saucer of milk)

  • Hmmm

    Try this

    I can't seem to get the hyperlink to work... Just try doing a search under members for threads started by me.


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  • COMF
  • Hmmm


    I'm an idiot. My hyperlinks always have the URL that is ten pages long, and dont work.

  • revdrjohnson

    Cool pictures!

    I also had to miss this one. I'd just joined the Presbytery of a new church, and we were doing some work on installing new phone lines, and setting up new offices.

    Did you guys settle on another date?

  • mouthy

    Hey Hmmm THANK you so much I thought you all looked so lovely ... I am so sorry I missed it. Especially Rational ( Stuffy) lol

    I want to be at the next one... Your my family!!!!! What about coming to PA???????? God Bless you all

  • TheStar

    Oh my gosh I missed that thread and almost missed this one! Hmmmm you are such a cutie pie!

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