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    This is cyber world,we live through the internet.We don`t have cash here,We can send cash,but it`s of no value here in the world of words. So what`s of value here for you? For me,it`s a person who speaks honestly and truthfully.They are neither decietfull or misleading.In a world of minds,thoughts and ideas that can be displayed on a screen,this is the most valuable thing I have found in

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  • Prisca

    To me, a person who offers support and helps other people is something of real value. Not just help in terms of giving information, but someone who can answer questions relating to real life situations that occur once you've escaped the WT walls. Someone who is there to offer a shoulder to cry on, and who can give emotional help.

    It's one thing to give intellectual support, but it's another to give emotional support. To me, those who shared their personal stories on this site and other websites, and those who actually meet personally with others to assist them, are worth their weight in gold.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Ummm...I'm here for the money.

  • Stephanus

    I'm here for any woman who flaunts her pussy.

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