What a Joke?

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Thats right tell us your yours!

    One of mine is.

    A little girl set on her grandfathers knee. She said "Grandpa can you make a sound like a frog?" "Well Yes, I guess I can make a sound like a frog! why?"-------------"Well" she said "Grandma said as soon as YOU CROAK, She going to take us to Disneyland!"

  • DakotaRed

    A young newly married Ministerial Servant was very impressed with how an older elder maintained such strict control over his family. Wanting to fit in and control his new bride the same way, he approached the elder after meeting and ask how did he accomplish it.

    The elder answered that he took of his pants early in the marriage and told his then new bride to put them on. Of course, she couldn't fit in them and he then told her that since only he fit the pants, that he wore the pants in family and she must obey.

    Impressed with this advice, the young MS went home that evening, took off his pants and threw them at his new bride. When she asked why he did that, he answered, "put them on!" She answered, "honey, you know I can fit in your pants." The MS said, "that's right, you can't. Only I wear the pants in this house and you better get to know that!"

    The young sister looked quizingly at her new husband, thinking. Then, she reached up under her dress, pulled down her panties and threw them in his face saying, "there, now you put those one!" The MS answered, rather surprised, "honey, you know I can't get into your panties." To which the young sister replied, "that's right! And, you never will as long as you have that lousy attitude."

  • The_Bad_Seed

    Q - Whats green and blue and eats nuts?

    A - Gonorrhea

  • belbab

    This one was told me by a Polish elder who is now an exJW for quite a few years.

    To establish superiority as an elder over his wife,

    The Polish elder asks:

    Who pisses in the kitchen sink, me or you.


  • new boy
    new boy

    Alright you want another one, here goes.

    The Pope dies and goes to heaven {of course}, Saint Peter is showing him around. They come to this big room an millions of CATHOLICS are having a party, The Pope said " I knew it------- I knew we where RIGHT!" They walk on to the next room, its full of millions of HINDUS they're all playing bingo. They come yet to another room full of atheists and they are all on a huge beach drinking rum and cokes. WOW! says the Pope I had no idea. They come to the last room, The door is shut, "Who's in there?" the Pope asked "Quiet!" says Saint Peter thats full of Jehovah's Witnesses they think they're the only ones up here"!

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