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    Man I just part of your story. First I want to say now I remember why I thought you were female. I am still in the frame of mind that sexual abuse happens to females. Thanks for reminding me that's not the case.


    I cant believe your fathers letter. I read only a part of it and broke it down.

    He says

    What my son failed to mention is the very fact that my life was totally changed and that the reason it was brought to trial was not for the sins committed, but because I was actively engaged in exposing the realities and facts of the Jehovahs Witness cult.

    Donald was driven by the Jehovahs Witness elders, Circuit and District Servants or leaders of Jehovahs Witnesses to expose me and have me prosecuted. The Police Inspectors wife was Jehovahs Witness as well, so if you have any intelligence at all, you will readily see the main reason behind my having been exposed.

    First he blames his abusive ways on the Jws and the police


    My behaviour of the past does not reflect my lifestyle

    As a child growing up in the devastation of the second World War in poverty, hunger and deprivation; being looked upon by the Ultra Rich, Middle Class, well to do or better off working class as a subhuman species, being beaten black and blue by school teachers, on account of not understanding a math question,

    He says his behavior of the past doesnt reflect on his lifestyle but he still uses it as an out.

    The worst out all of it is blaming it on his kids!

    In 1999 my fourth wife approached me and apologized for having permitted the children of my first marriage to undermine and destroy us. She acknowledged to my present wife and myself in tears that she had made a terrible mistake in allowing them to do their dirty work.

    This has to be a damn joke !

    I am totally against your being a lesbian, and God as you should know condemns those who engage in this practice, unless you turn away from it and refrain from living this way. She had without a doubt expected that I would approve of her homosexuality, which I didntI only hope that she cleans up her life before it is too late. .

    He hates homosexuality but he has no problem with getting his kicks on little kids! He forced his sons into homosexual acts. Just reading a small part of this letter is enough to make your blood boil. He doesn't have a problem with abusing his family he has a problem with being exposed. He has no remorse.

    Morrsiam I dont know how you managed to live through all of that and still go on but my hat goes off to you and your family members who survived this nightmare .

    So how do I order your book and if I use my credit card will it be on a safe server? I hate trusting the world of the internet J . Let me know how to get your book.

    Peace to you James.

    I dont hug men but , what the hell ((((((morrisamb)))))

  • morrisamb

    Why, you are a clever guy James!

    I posted my molester's letter on my web site and wondered how readers would react to such a rare glimpse into an abuser's mind. You've hit all the right points! Pretty good for a newbie!! (Ha, ha)

    I do want to point out one thing (by the way, thanks for the hug - right back at you)..he didn't commit homosexual acts with us kids. It's sexual abuse, molestation, incest, paedophilia acts, (whatever you want to call it) but homosexual acts refers to conscenting adults of the same sex. We all were between 3 and 15...hardly conscenting!

    I write about what it was like in my day, he screwing us, and then he get's born again the next, and we MUST FORGIVE HIM. Actually forgiving never came up. He was going to heaven; we were going to hell. That was in '76. His letter was written in 2002. He hasn't changed much, has he? The only reason he became born again that time (he's been reborn several times since), was because he found out we were going to leave him...well, for that story you'll find it in the book.

    Also how we managed surviving can be found in the book, and I thank you for your concern. Hopefully my journey will give strength to all those victims out there but also provide an education for sympathetic people such as yourself.

    I really appreciate your kind words and concern. Very thoughtful of you. Oh, and to order my book check out this link below.... [[[[[[[[James]]]]]]

  • Monster

    Hey Morrisamb thanks again for clearing up another misconception. Sorry I missed your earlier my life is stop and go , stop and go.

    Scream at you soon

    Peace James.

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