Ohioans! Defend Bill Bowen and Children!

by Hyghlandyr 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • Hyghlandyr

    This is a call to all Ohioans, especially those in the Cincinnati/Columbus areas....

    Silent Lambs has an appeal committee hearing this sunday. I might be able to attend, especially if I can go with a group. Any that want to go call me at 513-531-2327. This is Joe Frantz as you all know. I can call anyone that is not in the cincinnati area back so that you do not have to pay long distance charges. We will have to leave early sunday morning. We will also have to come back after the hearing since I wont have money for a motel room.

    If you go to testify on his behalf what you say is up to you. Whether it is your own personal experience to demonstrate this is in fact a major problem in the organization or even simply to say that youve not seen him say anything about the organization except it needs to change its policy. Whatever is your choice. Give me a call......

  • Xander

    Since when do they let anyone but themselves speak?

    This is a JW committee, right? Or did something go awry in a trial?

  • Hyghlandyr

    This is a JW committee....

  • Hyghlandyr

    For those that wish to go, I will probably be leaving from my house about 7am. Any that are not from the local area that wish to spend the night may do so. Most likely we will be turning around right after the even. So be ready for 14 hours of driving. We can all trade off. I might have use of two cars. I will be taking my neices if we go. We will all split gas money. Any that are interested give me a buzz at the phone number above.

  • flower

    I think its a great idea to show Bill he has support, he deserves it, and while I cannot join you in person I support your efforts and hope you are able to make some noise no matter how little.

  • jozb5

    I wish I could go.

    You have all of my love and support.

    Josie (MrsJones)

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