Daughter's Trip to the UK

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  • TR

    Recently, my daughter returned from a two week trip to the UK. I asked her to write an essay on her short trip. What her impressions were, the people, the culture, the sights and the history. Should be interesting perspective from an 18 year old.

    I'll post it as soon as she's finished.


  • TruckerGB

    Look forward to reading that,I hope she had a good time over here.



  • invisible

    Aye TR, hope she had a good time over here, really do mean that. Please don't get me wrong, I don't hate anybody, do I really have to get this point over til I'm blue in the face? Once and for all, lets get this straight, I would post this on another more suitable thread below but unfortunately, depending how you look at it, that thread is not accepting my replies. It is only the most corrupt systems that I can't stand yet even then, the people within those systems I have been taught to love. Even President Bush the biggest ass**** of them all. To people on the outside of corporate conglomerated structures, your workers in the street, those providing essential services, I wholeheartedly applaud. I do not have a problem with Americans like that, indeed there IS much in your country that I am quite jealous of and wish the philosophy could be more adapted upon for this country also. It is the few that I am most annoyed with, but only then, it is the systems that have been designed, there is a subtle distinct difference. Hope this clarifies for you.

    Looking forward to your daughters essay.

    Have an excellent day.

    Celtic Mark - Cornwall UK

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