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  • LyinEyes

    Yep , it will happen next Monday morning at 8:30 AM. All of my children will be attending their very first day of school, Jake is 15, Kelly is 9 and Chance is 7. They are so excited about getting school supplies , backpacks, I almost said bookbags, lol , for the first time. My daughter said this is her dream come true. She really wants to be a cheerleader and has already been recruited to play basketball because she is tall.

    Today was a wonderful first of another kind. My oldest son, joined the school's football team #48, for now , it was his first time to play with a school group and he was excellent. I even took pictures, i bet he might have been a little embarrased by that. The school is a private school that has small classes so that will help them to fit in better since they have never been.

    Of course I am thinking of all the things to say to the teachers about why I kept them out of school and mainly I am going to just be truthful and tell them we were in a cult that didnt approve of sports, or any other activies involved with the school. So far the ones I have talked to seem to be the most understanding , non judgmental people I have met in a long time.

    One of the coach's told us that they say a prayer before the game and will do the pledge of alligence, and we said that was great , no problem there.

    Right now , my son is passed out in the bed, after 2 hrs of football practice. I am so happy, I had tears in my eyes watching him out on that field, in his uniform. He just smiled at me , a smile that only we know what really means. I am just glad that he has his high school years to have a blast and be normal. The younger ones will also be thankful they are getting a proper education , even thou they are more concerned with lunch, recess, and making friends.

    Wild Turkey and I , just can't wait for the first football game, the report cards, the field trips and all the things that make children feel like they are normal and belong. There will be no restrictions on what they can do, Xmas, b/d's, easter egg pictures are all ok. Can you tell I am excited?????

    I just hope they don't get expelled,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOL............ Just thought I would pass on another milestone in the Brown family saga, of being just a bit more normal.

  • AjaxMan


    It feels great to be normal without worries, ain't it? Celebrating b-days, seeing the kids enjoying what they like to do as well as seeing them going to school to study and participate in school activities? Being there to see your kids play football, basketball and seeing them practice? Also, seeing your kids being able to socialize with others? And most importantly, doesn't it feel great for you and your family to be and to live happily in your own way and your own terms?

    I bet you are excited and happy about all that. I am happy that you, Wild Turkey and the kids are doing great. Y'all deserve to be happy as y'all are great people. It really shows that not everything in the "world outside dubdom" is as bad as the JWs portray.

    Regards and hugs,


  • Beck_Melbourne


    I can feel your excitement all the way over here....that's great news....and super great news for the kids.

    I too was excited at my son's (13yrs) first rugby league game, I never miss a game and I love supporting him and showing him I'm there for him. My youngest daughter (12yrs) does gymnastics, if they had cheerleaders here I'm sure she would do that too, she's an amazing athlete and is into sports in a big way, so unlike my own jw childhood, how I would have loved to have had worldly normal parents. And my eldest daughter (16yrs) is enjoying the freedom of a buoyant social life and being able to talk to boys on the phone into the wee hours of the night. I want my kids to live a normal life without that 'godly fear' that I was served for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    I can so relate to how you feel right now, and please keep us updated as to how the kids settle in. It will no doubt be a bit daunting for them, but kids are resiliant, they will soon adjust and before you know it, you'll be on all sorts of committees LOL.

    Something I did on my kids first day in their new school here in Australia was put a note in their especially nice lunch which said: Be brave, I love you, Mum. They still smile about that and remind me how cute it was. I'm glad that I did that, as my son is now too old to write notes in his lunch, he thinks its so sissy LOL - kids!!!


  • Scarlet

    Congratulations. That is wonderful. I got excited for you reading what you posted. Your Kids will thank you later for getting them out.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    My children were JW's all through school. Now that they are not JW's and are raising their own families..they wonder how I could have ever fallen for the line of bull the JW's fed me! They are sad because they see all the wonderful things that their children are able to do and that they missed!...I know deep down inside they resent me for this. My oldest daughter led me to the X Jw's sites tho so I can see others have gone through the same things! It helps with the guilt..

    I'm always happy to hear someone getting out before their children are too old!

    Enjoy the wonderful experiences!

    Golden Girl....

  • ugg

    i am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! immagine,,,,the hearts of your children.....

    oh,,, how they must feel....yes,,,,enjoy.....both of you....the experiences that are ahead of you....

  • YoursChelbie

    Dede, so good to hear about your young ones! There's a whole world of possibilities open for them.

    When my older girl had her first party ever, I took the biggest, creamiest cake I had ever bought-- to her school cafeteria. She was seven! All the kids were so happy to have cake for dessert. We enjoyed ourselves so much. The smile on her face was priceless. She's my firstborn daugher and I felt bad that I had "cheated" her out of a simple party in the past when we were "Dubs." The school principal even congratulated her and went back to her office with a generous serving of cake!

    Keep that camera handy! You'll have a lot of wonderful times to look forward to. My personal favorite is: Mother's Day

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  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    How wonderful for your family!

    Take LOTS of pictures, and keep us posted.


  • BluesBrother

    Hi Dede (another Eagles fan?)

    I have always had mis givings about home schooling ,even when I was an active elder . It seemed that kids would miss out on so much. The day to day experience of coping with life at school is a bigger education than what they get from books, and it bothered me, when especially the younger ones were removed from school for very little reason.

    Good luck to you all in your new life !

  • outnfree


    Your joyful excitement comes through loud and clear!

    I'm very happy for you, WT, and the kids! It will be a most enjoyable time for you. As for those committees Beck mentioned? Piece of cake (LOL) compared to home schooling, I'm sure... PLUS it will give YOU a social outlet, too! (Make sure Dad joins the Parent Club, too!)

    Love and warm wishes,


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