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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi all,

    Has anyone else noted that in last Sunday's study article (June 15 WT), I believe on paragraph 16, the one ``Bible study aid'' I consider to be indispensible -- the Concordance-- was conspicuous by its absence: the only ones cited were the Insight on the Scriptures, and the CD-Rom ``Watchtower Library.'' In these latter two cases, both contain material now considered to be ``old light'' and hence harmful to one's spiritual health.

    It would seem to me that they don't want anyone reading the Bible in the absence of these two Watchtower prisms.

  • Gopher

    I thought the Concordance was downplayed significantly by the WT Society. Articles like this latest WT study prove that thought to be true!

    The concordance was exciting when it first came out! I thought it was one of the neatest ways to study the Bible.

    But like you said, they want you to view the light of the Bible as "bent" through their prism. They can construct the prism, of course, to bend the light at any angle they wish.

  • sunscapes

    Well, the Aid to Bible Understanding was contributed to by Ray Franz, and the WT CD-Rom contains revisions to the printed versions.

    That figures.

  • ozziepost

    The Concordance was one of my most used publications.


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