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  • happy man
    happy man

    When i first going in on this place, i was sure here will be a lot of young peopel who was dfd fore some bad things, but what a chock i hade, here was, a lot of elders, former pionjers, even former behtelits, never inn my life i waited this.

    I dont now how many you are inn US fore exampel who leavs, but when we look in figures, we can not se so many cant we?

    I must ask who many it is leaving the truth , is it perhaps oneor two inn the cong in 5 year period, here inn sweden we have minus , going down from 24 to 22 000 inn a few year.

    But in my cong, nowone leave, fore a long time, and then we have this year 2 new coming inn , who been away for 30 year.

    So perhaps when we read this site , you will have the picture many is leaving, but is this the truth, ot not?

  • Crystal

    When someone ask me if im "in the Truth" I tell them the real question is "is the truth in you"

    I found the truth when i left the JW org.

    Hopefully more and more people are leaving.

  • Sentinel

    And more to the point....

    we can truly say we are "in life".

    Doesn't it feel good to finally be out and free, and alive?

    Love and Light,


  • Valis

    happy...I have a small suggestion for you. I'm not trying to be offensive, but your English is hard to read. One thing I might suggest is an online translator. You could type up your original message in your language, translate it and then paste it into a thread. It would make it easier for many of us to read, and make your points more understanable. Please see the link below.



    District Overbeer

  • SYN

    Yes, many are leaving. The Tower is haemorraging (SP?) Publishers every day, mainly youths who have grown up with the Internet.

  • Haereticus


    Swedes in your ol KH? I have no problem understanding Swedish language.


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