Only Apostates Recycle!

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  • Englishman

    Do JW's bother to recycle?

    Are they remotely interested in green issues so as to protect our planet from pollution?

    If they answer is "Yes", does this indicate a lack of faith?

    This is how I see it. My parents didn't bother with taking out a pension, after all, what was the point with armageddon just around the corner? Only weak brothers took out a pension plan, endowment insurance or savings plan, mature brothers knew that such plans would never come to fruition with armageddon so imminent. Preparation for the future was a betrayal of faith!

    Believe you me, this is EXACTLY how the thinking went in the 70's. So, likewise, what ever is the point of anyone trying to do his/her bit to protect our planet, if the whole shebang is going down Down DOWN?

    So are JW's who recycle actually covert apostates?


  • Celtic


  • Swan

    I'm an apostate and I recycle. So I guess that answers the question.

    BTW, IMO the only reason they had barrels marked "soda cans only" at D'strict Convention was because they could get money back for them.


  • LuckyLucy

    Recycling King dies at 88

    Staff Writer

    CARDIFF ---- The Recycling King of Encinitas, who single-handedly prevented tons of material from being plowed into landfills, is being mourned by friends and neighbors this week.

    Laverne Anderson ---- a retired machinist, backyard mechanic, Jehovah's Witness and ardent recycler ---- died April 30 in a San Diego hospital. He was 88.

    He was buried alongside his mother in Montana, where he lived for many years before moving to Cardiff in 1961.

  • Nowfree

    I was a JW, now I am an apostate - and i recycle

    My ex is still a JW - and doesn't recycle

    If that will help your statistics at all Englishman


  • zenpunk

    I have never known JWs to recycle. I think they feel that since Jehovah will clean up the new earth, they can trash the present one. I always recycle. This earth's all we got so there's no reason to treat it like a slob.

  • outnfree

    I recycled all the years I was a JW and I still recycle now. In fact, I PAY for the "privilege" of a blue box for recycling as it is not [yet] required in my community.

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