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  • In_between_days

    O.k, so if I am incredibly slow and stupid sorry, but is everyone aware that the panarama issue is now defended on, I was a little surprised to see it up there, as I have'nt seen it mentioned on this forum before.

    You will see it at

    If this has already been discussed, sorry, i'm an idiot.

    I have already read this letter on the forum, but I was not aware it was actually on the official watchtower website.

  • sunshineToo

    In_between_days, please don't feel that way. I didn't know, either.

    ( after reading )

    ARGHHHHHHHH, they are telling BBC the new policy as if they have been keeping it for decades. And their example of two teenagers committing know, even elders couldn't give me a different example than this. Stupid! That's not molestation but fornication! How could 5-year old consent with an adult to have a sexual relationship????

    They (the WTS) are really twisted. I hope they get what they deserve at the court of law in September.

  • Dia

    'Access denied'. Can I read it somewhere else NOT in pdf format??

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