Lack of minority representation on the GB

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  • Larry

    What was your reasoning for justifying the lack of minority representation on the GB?

    I defended the Borg vigorously for the all white GB. My reasoning was: At the time the Borg started up in the 1800's it needed well educated men to get it establish. During those times there werent many educated Black folks to handle that monumental task. So it was only natural to use the talents and education of the greater society - White men, they knew better and were in a better situation to get thing done. However, it wasnt until I left the Borg I discovered that many GB members didnt go to college and many were not all that educated. And since it was looked down upon to study Black History, I didnt have any idea how many educated Black people were in the world at that time (for all times) - I just thought what the world portrayed to me - That Blacks were uneducated and needed the Euro man for everything or anything legitimate. Then I started thinking how can these men represented me or my culture, or any other cultures but there own.

    Anyway, if you had justification of these acts, please let me know what it was. Or if you still feel it's justified please let me know.

    Peace - LL

  • Elsewhere

    (Sound clip from Howard Stern movie)

    Kill Kill Kill, The White Man:

  • Larry

    No, No - Don't kill the white man kill the ignorance.

    Peace - LL

  • Larry

    Jim - Good 1.

    The JR Brown thing also applies with corporations, catholic church, government, etc. They use the 'token Black' to issue the press statements in the light of 'bad light.'

    However, JR Brown is NO TOKEN BLACK. The man is over qualified for his position.

    Peace - LL

  • StinkyPantz


    I disagree when you say that, "the only reason blacks are in high positions with the WT is because if they didn't people would complain." What are you basing this statement on? The United States is made up of primarily white people right? Well it would make sense that most organizations would be the same, not out of choice but because there just aren't that many Black people in this country (like 10%). This could possibly allow 1 GB member out of 12 to fit the percentages but that's all really.

    Also you say,"now minoritys are getting their feet in the door, but it's not because they are qualified I think it's more out of they are forced to, by all those affirmitive action laws, which is not right at all." What?! Forced to?! Not qualified?! Geez! How do you know they aren't qualified? I don't think so. Why don't you think they are qualified? Maybe there are. Maybe they want to be in these high positions. Are we talking about all jobs or just WT positions?

    "What bothers me is this JR Bown guy, what a dumbo he must be to be the WT scapegoat." Someone has to do it and this guy happens to be Black, so what?

    "I notice business will use black people and women to do the dirty work for them, now if thats not an insult to their intelligence what is." Umm, don't plenty of businesses also use white men to do there dirty work? I personally don't see a disproportionate amount of minorities and women doing it?

    Dude, I think you were trying to speak on the side of Black people and women and I'm know you're a nice guy, but for some reason I felt insulted by your post. What exactly were you trying to say? All I got from it is: "minoritys are getting their feet in the door, but it's not because they are qualified they are forced to, by all those affirmitive action laws," but even when they aren't they are used to do "the dirty work for [the business]".

  • JT

    jim says:

    The only reason blacks are in high positions with the WT is because if they didn't people would complain.


    while i don;t agree with many things you say i agree with you here . the complaint of NO BLACKS ON THE GB was a very big issue when i was at bethel and many of the black heavies often expressed thier concern about the issue as well-

    wt found itself in the same position as the catholic church and the mormans

    A THE GROWTH IN ALL 3 of these orgs have been in the minority communities

    the catholic church is kicking around a dude out of africa as a "possible" first black pope

    the morman are growing like gang bangers in minority communities and then god give them new light that black men can hold positions now

    and the same with wt there is large pop of blacks in the org and i recall bro saying stufff like

    there are no qualified black anointed males, etc

    I will say this BLACK FOLKS IN THE ORG have been waitng a long time even if they will not say it publicly

    take a look at the cover of the may1 or 15 84 wt THE 1914 GENERATION WILL NOT DIE OFF

    is the cover page - when that article was released i was at bethel up in Harlem and on the cover was about 20 older white bethelites representing the gen of 1914 NOT ONE BLACK PERSON

    well in my territory the black pioneers esp got dogged by the Nation of Isslam member

    saying you are part of a white man religion- i mean they got dogged doing street work

    but the org offers to blacks something that the non jw world does not offer


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