Lies kill Faith, Woe to Liars

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  • joelbear

    Our pal YK chats incessantly about our lost faith and how evil that makes us.

    Well, I didn't lose my faith until it became clear how many lies I had been told. Lie upon lie upon lie upon lie. Lies about prophecy, lies about doctrine, lies about how the society was administrated.

    Sorry, but after a while I stopped believing the liars.

    I seek truth and do not seek truth from those who have been proven to have deceived me. If I am judged for this, so be it. What judgement lies in store for the liars themselves who have ruined the faith of so many?

    I think liars are among the most disgusting creatures in the universe.

    The Watchtower Society lied to me. I lost faith in them. It is very doubtful that faith will be restored.

    I seek truth and when I find it I put faith in the source of that truth, no matter what the subject.

    Truth is what counts to me, always has, always will.


  • Bang

    Once you've heard the truth, the rest is only cheap whiskey


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