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  • minimus

    It seems that the Society has always been concerned with materialism. At meetings and assemblies, the faithful have been admonished to watch out for the sin of materialism. If you missed a meeting, could it be because you were being materialistic? We hear you bought yourself a new you have to pay for it, are you going to be materialistic? You must be materialistic because it's brand new and a 2 door sports car.....must be falling in the snare! So you want to buy a new house? Oh my, this surely will take you away from Kingdom interests.....It's funny how it seems that the majority of contributions always seem to come from the materialistic non-pioneers......Have you ever been affected by someone's comment about being materialistic?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Years ago when I was "in" and was married to an elder and had two young children we realized it was cheaper for us to pay a mortgage on a house than to pay for renting an apartment. And yes we were called materialistic. Well I was cuz he of course was well loved so it must have been me Right. Except that when we split HE lived in the house and I left everything. Signed over my share of the house and car and just took my clothes and 1 bed. Not quite sure just who they thought was the materialistic one then but he was still the loved one. But I wouldn't say it affected me cuz I was out and free

  • minimus

    Hi Lady Lee, in the 70's and early 80's, when the economy wasn't that great and the end was around the corner, anyone that decided to invest for the future and buy a house was considered materialistic, but if you had an apartment, and spent more money in the long run,at least you didn't have a showy display of life. DUMB, huh?

  • sunshineToo

    I started studying with a witness when I was in college. Back then going college was viewed as "materialistic." I spent the rest of the undergraduate years with guilt.

    What???????? Lee, you were supposed to get EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Haven't you heard what Ivana Trumph said, "Don't get mad. Get EVERYTHING."

  • Imbue

    JWs always view others as materialistic but never themselves. It's always someone else's family that's materialistic and not their own family. They are good at pointing the finger at everyone else but themselves.

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Sunshine I did get EVERYTHING

    I got FREEDOM!!!

    BTW When he sold the house he took a loos which I would have been half responsible for if I demended my share). Same with the car. My lawyer thought I was being stupid until I told him I didn't think he could sell and get a profit. Turns out I was right so I won there too.

  • jack2

    Mini - are you reading my mind? I was thinking of starting a thread subject just like this!

    Yes, I have heard a few comments over the years implying that so-and so was being materialistic just because they bought something nice or bought a home or a car.

    Then there was one sister who used to practically inventory my home every time she came over. We actually had to stop inviting her and her family because we got tired of the comments. We live in a row home and live a simple life, and I found it hard to believe that such comments were made.

    This is a classic area in which jws show their true feelings toward their 'brothers' in that they are quick to assign ulterior motives to those whom they claim to love so dearly.


    First of all the me say:Minimus I love your threads. Let me relate my tale. I was driving a beat up old car. I was always putting money into it. Besides that it was the only car we had. I need a car for work therefore my wife had to take the bus. We finally went out and bought a car. Didn't tell a soul just showed up with it at the meeting one Sunday. We didn't have much money so we bought what we could afford. It was a 2 door sports car.. And my wife looked so good driving it. Not only were we referred to as being materialistic but a pioneer sister had the nerve to ask "What kind of field serive car is that!!!!!!" Can you believe that. I'm trying to buy what I can afford not some car to haul a bunch of people around in. The sad part is that some of them seemed alot happier when we had to drive the beat up old car. Go figure.

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