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  • DazedAndConfused

    I went to the x-jw meet-up tonight. I almost decided not to go. Boy am I glad I did decide to go. I will not name names here...but I had a wonderful night! First we met at a "neutral" location...a bowling alley. Surprisingly enough, the 2 women of the 5 who showed up, actually bowled. I sooo enjoyed my evening. I met 4 people tonight, varying degrees of "connection", but at the same time...feel that this was a great experience in my life. First off, I met 3 (make that 4, after our visit to a bar) people who were ex-witlesses. Then one of the ex's brought along his wife (never a witless) who herself is also going through the same thing we are, to some degree the same thing we are from her own background. Then, one of the people who showed up, knew a young woman who played in a band. We then left our meeting place and then went to where this young woman was playing.

    Wow, so many emotions here. This young woman was beyond comprehension, THE most beautiful singer I have ever heard. She was the best.

    Everyone left and I was left alone listening to this "Goddess" of voice. But I could not leave until I told her how I felt about her singing.

    I am so looking forward to meeting these same people here in my city, and hope that it brings more experiences my way.

    To all of you who met me in Tucson, AZ...my hat is off to you....you made my night...weekend...hell, my life! Thank you.

  • ISP

    Nice to hear the account of a good time!


  • onacruse

    DAC, I went to my first meet-up last month. You are SO right, wonderful to meet folks IRL who have been through the same ringer. Amazing how small this world really is! Just wish I had been able to get to the Seattle fest today, would have been great.

    Things are happening, eh?

  • scootergirl

    That is so great that you had a good time and that you thought of us and shared it with everyone!

    X-meetup would be really great to attend. Here in Northern Minnesota the only people signed up are me and my seester (eyegirl)! LOL........I guess we could pretend like we didn't know each other and were meeting for the first time!

  • DazedAndConfused

    ona, it is wonderful to meet up with others...I totally agree.

    When I first came here it helped me a lot in my recovery. Although I will have to admit that probably my post's left a few confused at times. Since I have been here I have gone through a lot of the "grieving" steps and it sure showed in my post's. But I cannot describe how it felt to actually meet people, face to face, who experienced what I have. I married an "unbeliever" so he totally does not understand what I am feeling. In fact, he gets downright tired of hearing about this. haha. I feel that the xjw-meetup is the best idea since Simon set up this board for us.

    scooter, if you and your sis are as crazy as my sis and I...that would end up being quite the meeting!

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