XJW meeting Sat. 8/10/02

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  • nowaytess

    Aug. 10 will feature The Berean Assembly Cult Awareness Seminar at 5241 Barclay Ave.
    Spring Hill from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and will have xjws there. Each one has a
    traumatic testimony to share.
    This event is being conducted by the Tennessee Valley Bible Students Association and
    Midwest Christian Outreach, Spring Hill Branch.
    Last Days deception can only be countered by solid Christian discernment and this
    will be the focus of the seminar. This equipping conference will provide solid
    Biblican examinations and responses to cultism in our community and world.
    The conference is free.
    Aug.11 will have xjw Diane Gholson giving her testimony during the church service .
    Her theme will be "Formerly a Watchtower slave, Now a Christian and Free"
    The church phone # is 352-597-3640. The Pastor is Gary Osbourne And you may give
    her my phone # 352-684-4448

    Just email me if you need directions etc:

    [email protected]

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