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  • disneycuty

    Here is a cool website Http://

    I am planning on having chats in there and there are availbility for moderators.

    Sign up please.. :)

  • WTLies

    Thanks for the website Disneycuty, I will post my story there. I hope others do likewise. Every little bit helps in exposing the Watchtower Society for what it really is. I applaud everyone's effort in this regard. I believe one day the Society will fall, although it won't happen over night, it wil take time and effort, but it will happen. We already see the evidence, with their reducing numbers and nationally exposed scandals. We all should support websites that expose the Watchtower by forwarding them to others and posting our stories there. Many have come to know my story by seeing it on a similar website. (Shauns Research on JW's) I have received dozens of emails from family members of JW's wanting to know more about the religion. Of course I was more than happy to tell them all I know about the Watchtower Society . I received emails from JW's too, some wanted to debate my findings, others were seriously beginning to doubt and question the Society. With all the JW's now surfing the net (against the Societies orders lol) websites like this one are the key to reaching them with the truth about the "Truth"


    former member of a non PROPHET organization

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