JW Mag Attack - new PC game ...

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  • alliwannadoislive

    My 14 year old is on school hols and so I bought him 'The 3D Gamemaker' to keep him amused on the PC.

    The first game he's created is called 'JW Mag Attack' - where :

    • you are playing in the first person with a paint ball gun ...
    • your opponents are gents dressed in polyester suits who are throwing magazines at you ...
    • the aim is to spatter them with paint to get rid of them ...

    heehee ...

  • COMF

    How about a simulation game where you're the GB and you have to protect the Watchtower's assets from depletion?

    You start with a certain number of publishers who provide weekly donations. Your goal is to increase income by increasing the number of publishers and driving them relentlessly to give more, more, more. To keep the publishers' money coming in, you must maintain a healthy level in three vital areas: fear of the emminent end, isolation from outside information, and guilt. You do this by means of the subject topics you choose to dispense each week, and by dispatching special representatives (CO's, DO's, and occasionally the dreaded ZO) to whip them back into shape when they're getting lax.

    You are only allowed to crack down hard on them every other week, through the Watchtower. Interim weeks can only contain relatively mild drivel in the Awake!

    Each weekly article will stimulate growth in only one of the three vital areas. You must choose based on the problems occurring in the congregations: independent thinking, weariness from carrying the heavy load, family members going apostate, influence from the internet, and evil, lying TV shows about child abuse.

  • plmkrzy


    strike9? what image? should i be imbarrased?LOL

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    Hey allIwannadoislive,that is just too funny!! Where do you get this 3d game maker?...OUTLAW

  • SYN

    Plum: You're linking to an image on your PC...Strike9 honey!

  • Reborn2002

    I would create a very violent PC game built on the DOOM or DUKE NUKEM style platform. Be a crazed frothing-at-the-mouth Apostate armed with weaponry even Rambo or Arnie would be envious of. Then proceed to blow down the doors at Kingdumb Halls and Circuit Assembly locales everywhere, garnering points for however many members of the congregation you can KILL in rapid fire. Get bonus points for shooting elders or overseers in the head.


    Or, build a PC game and pay homage to the Grand Theft Auto 3 platform. Be a car thief working for Bill Bowen or the United Nations Library Card System. Find unsuspecting JDubs as they do street corner work or door-to-door ministry, then run them down gangland style! Find a young, supple, indoctrinated pioneer sister, grab her and bang her to increase your vitality points.

    Yes, Jehovah's Witness PC games indeed.

  • alliwannadoislive

    comf - that is hilarious - i wanna play !

    outlaw - was 7.99 in ASDA (Walmart) - website is www.focusmm.com (dunno what that is in euro's, dollars or whatever ...)

    says on the box that games can be saved as exe.files and shared with friends ...

  • knighthawk1981

    i'd pay good money for those game....maybe someone cool do a final fantasy style rpg where the main goal is to fight a ceature made from this disembodied spirits of Rutherford, Russel, et al

  • plmkrzy

    syn WHAT?

    the rolling smily face wasn't showing up? I dragged that from a mail server

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