Are any subjects taboo?

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  • sleepy

    Do you feel there are some subjects and questions that shouldn't be asked?

    Maybe you feel its disrespectful, or in bad taste to discuss some issues.Or are all things open to discussion and consideration?

    Are you afraid of asking questions or discussing certain issues as you are afraid of how others will see you, and may think that because you ask the question you are promoting the issue?

  • The Alchemist
  • Reborn2002

    Look in the members section of this website for threads started by dubious, inconsiderate posters such as KJV.

    To make it convenient for you, I have posted a link to all threads started by this former member.

    within it you will find gems such as:

    Do you swallow?

    found here:

    which thankfully Simon immediately locked.

    Yes, some things are taboo or inappropriate to discuss in a public forum. Especially one that was created specifically for discussion on issues which are JW-related.

    Sometimes tact and respect are warranted, and while such topics are not vile or sick, but adult in nature, they should be discussed in a proper venue for such matters.

  • Dia

    How do you get to 'all threads by any particular member'?

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  • Haereticus

    I do not feel that there are some subjects and questions that shouldn't be asked, but the other day I felt that there is at least one subject that I have not seen in Jw literature or discussed here.

    Smoking is prohibited on the grounds of sanctity of God given life. Smoking is not referred to in the Bible, but gluttony is. Would it be logical to avoid excess eating as too much weight is hazardous to one's health? If from Jw point of view one is eligible for being DF'd for damaging one's healt by continuos smoking would it be more so to follow this course with obesity?


  • Reborn2002

    Dia asked:

    How do you get to all threads by any particular member?

    • You look in the upper left corner of the page.
    • There you will find a hyperlink for "members."
    • Click "members."
    • The member list is arranged alphabetically. Scroll until you find which member you are looking for.
    • Look at the white sheet of paper icon in that members profile row.
    • Click that icon.
    • You now have all threads started by that particular member.


    Would it be logical to avoid excess eating as too much weight is hazardous to one's health? If from a Jw point of view one is eligible for being DF'd for damaging one's health by continuous smoking would it be more so to follow this course with obesity?

    Logically? Yes.

    Do Jehovah's Witnesses follow logic? No.

    They only act in what serves their own interests.

    I for one have seen too many FAT FUCKS walking around in Kingdumb Halls.

    Based on my personal experience I would say at least 50% of elders are obese. 25% of elders are MORBIDLY obese.

    The Bible warns against gluttony, but they would rather implement rules against practices not even mentioned in the Bible (smoking)than to give up their selfish ways with food.

    Rat bastards.

    Fuck the Jehovah's Witnesses.

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  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    It is Simon's board. If a minority or a majority finds something offensive then it is Simon's call not ours. Freedom of speech is not the issue and it is not the issue of should we be hampered by the sensitivities of the ultra sensitive, the politically correct or the crude. It is Simon's board and if we do not like the way it is run or it's people on it we can disassociate ourselves from his organization and say "that makes twice now."

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    I think we should remain aware of what type forum we are on. It's good that there are different boards within any given forum so the individual has choices; depending upon the topic.

    Years ago I'd stumbled onto a now debunk web page for former JW's...and I was quite shocked reading all about the sex life of others. Actually I read very little that covered other areas of recovery. Not that I'm a prude, but enough was enough. I really didn't have any pressing JW issues at that time so it was no loss to me, but I did wonder how explicit sex talk would help the majority.

    Too, I'd like to believe that most people ask sincere questions; whether or not someone else thinks it appropriate. Social protocol is still valid. And if we really don't like something, we have a choice to ignore and go on. Most people have their private e-mail available so if there is a topic one feels is not open for debate on an open forum...some might respond privately.

    Hey Reborn, if you read this just wanted to say I like your style. I get a laugh each time I read your "fuck the JW.s" :)

    Granny, who is not all that sweet and naive.

  • Sentinel


    As long as your subject is posted in the proper location on the forum, I would think just about any sincere subject is welcome.

    If you are uncertain, you can always email our leader, Simon, for the go-ahead.

    Now I'm really curious......


  • patio34

    I might ask: Are any subjects taboo in mixed company socially? Of course there are. You'd have to be pretty uncivilized to think that you could bring up any subject, no matter how inflammatory or private, at a party of friends. What's so different here?

    Heh, heh, if you don't recognize any social barriers to discussion, you may notice a dearth of friends and social engagements.

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