CJD transfusion risk 'underestimated'

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  • Jools j
    Jools j

    just read this sorry if it's already been posted.
    could this be used by those with power within the JWs to cite against blood transfusions?

  • Jools j
    Jools j

    Tests reveal CJD blood risk


  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    Im sure you know that all organ transplantations are performed with some risk, certainly including blood transplantation. Patients and physicians must weigh the benefits against the risks in this and all medical procedures. When ones life is at stake, the risks of transplantation usually seem small by comparison.

    Remember, however, that JWs objection to blood transplants is

    Religious, Biblically Based , not medically based, not cost/benefit analysis based, not risk based. Do you JWs out there remember that?

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  • nancee park
    nancee park

    When there is massive bleeding the bigger risk is bleeding to death which is also most immediate. I Samuel 14:32-4 says Saul's whole army ate unBLED meat to not starve to death and they were not killed by Jehovah for doing what normally would, outside of emergencies, have incurred the death penalty. Similarly in Matthew 12 Christ pointed out David and his men ate temple holy bread to stay alive but were forgiven due to this being a life-and-death situation; at verse 7 Christ says "God wants mercy not sacrifice." Jehovah has arranged that most normal identical twins transfuse blood back and forth to each other through a shared placenta.

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