Buzzard Bait

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  • neverbeforgotten

    Have any of you out there heard the term "Buzzard Bait" used by an elder? Well, I had the dubious pleasure of working door to door with an elder , Mike Martina, while living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He had a really bad habit of referring to ones that he deemed unworthy of making it through the end as Buzzard Bait. But he really messed up when he called my dear faithful grandmother "Buzzard Bait". This elder was supposed to be working with me to help encourage and build me up. Well, he succeeded in helping me make my final decision to leave the nutzo cult, when he also made the comment that the congregation that we were presently in did not have jehovah's blessing and that he only hoped to not be in that congregation when the end came. I was shocked by this comment and he recognized my shock and said that if I told anyone , he would deny he said it. SICKO

  • Reborn2002

    Yes, it is a PSYCHO SICK cult.

    Consider yourself fortunate that you got OUT.

    People that fantasize about the imminent destruction of 99% of mankind and the subsequent bone-picking of the corpses by birds and other animals..

    How SICK is that?

    Fuck the Jehovah's Witnesses, and for my buddy neverbeforgotten here.. Mike Martina.. that includes YOU.

  • neverbeforgotten

    Hey, thanks for the fuck off of Mike Martina. Wanna hear a quick story on how I got the username neverbeforgotten. well, as a senior in high school back in 1977 during my jw years, we were in english class and each of us had to write an essay about another class member. well, this fellow class mate said that I would neverbeforgotten because I was never remembered--thus referring to my never being able to participate in anything. i mean anything. it was embarrasing and frustrating growing up jw and being ostracized: envision this scenario: I was sent to a Private, all White school, yet we attended a congregation that was at least 75% black. I couldn't associate with the blacks at the hall,because my unbelieving step-father hated blacks, and I couldn't associate with the white kids i went to school with because, well, as you know they were worldly. talk about fucked up childhood. anyway, thanks for the response.

  • Reborn2002

    I feel your pain neverbeforgotten, and I am sorry.

    I too was raised a sheltered child in the clutches of the Jehovah's Witness cult.

    I was not allowed to associate with "worldly" kids at school

    My congregation (Canterbury Congregation in Markham, Illinois you FUCKS) was a 95% black Kingdom Hall, and extremely cliquish. I did not associate much with the kids at the Kingdom Hall either, because they viewed me as the outsider and I did not fit in.

    How did I so often spend my time? Alone.

    If I was not in school, I was attending one of the five weekly meetings or out in field service.

    I had my childhood stolen from me, and that is something I will never get back.

    I know how you feel neverbeforgotten, and you are not alone.

  • Prisca


    I was raised a JW (3rd generation) and I missed out on many things at school that cannot be retrieved.

    Wishing you well on your journey to freedom.

  • Dia

    It is an unspeakable joy to give one's children the childhood you never had and I pray that blessing falls on each one of you. There are good things in the world. May they touch your lives.

  • ISP

    Yeah......I heard some comment on the increase in the size of everyday birds! Like they were getting ready for action!

    Sick indeed!


  • MrMoe

    How cruel. Think of all the mommies and daddies he referred to this as. How creepy...

  • SYN

    That is BEYOND sick!

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