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  • YoursChelbie

    To everybody who liked the idea of an EX-JW yearbook:

    Stories will be available for download as soon as the Web site is completed.

    I understand that some may need to use substitute names to protect their identity and these wishes will be respected.

    Those who already have a web-site that represents your story of survival from the WTS, please provide a link for it in you e-mail response.

    You might want to use these questions as a guide. Thanks again for your help with this project.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Questions to Help You Tell Your Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    How many years were you a member of the JW's?

    How did you feel during the time you were an active member?

    What events caused you to re-think your membership?

    What lead you to finally leave the member ranks?

    Who's help did you receive while you were in the process leaving?

    How do you feel now about the time you spent in the cult and about finally being out?

    What would you like to tell others who are unaware of what life is like in a high-control group or Cult?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank You!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Please send your stories via E-mail to:

    [email protected]

    Your help is very much appreciated.


    The purpose of this collection of life stories is to bring insight and public awareness about life inside a cult or high control group. By reading of other's experiences, those who are still inside will hopefully find the courage to get out and reclaim their lives.

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  • SYN

    Hi board,

    If anybody knows of any site that has already duplicated this sort of thing, please inform us! We don't want to waste our time!

    Also, the above questions should just be used as a guide - they are just some of the things that might be in your story. So go wild, and tell us all about how you felt about being a Witness, and your experiences, and so forth.

    Note that this is not in any way competing with the efforts of the Silentlambs website and it's owners - we are looking more at the entire social aspect of being a JW, not specifically the child molestation issue. Like YoursChelbie noted, it's about people's stories. Many people here have already posted their stories - we are trying to get all of that together in a freely accessible format, and hopefully arranged in a manner that will allow for people to easily download and print all of the stories.

    We're looking forward to your input, and of course, we're still looking for a few megabytes of web space from a donor. The HTML code and graphics for the site (which is still tentative) will be designed to be super-low in bandwidth, and the site will be mostly just neatly formatted text.


  • SYN

    PS Geocities and Angelfire SUCK! We only want to use them as a last resort.

  • YoursChelbie

    OK, I'm using the questions as a guide, but that's just my style. Feel free to write your story any way you're comfortable.

    I was a member for about 13 years.

    While still in, I felt that I had found God's Only acceptable organization and that if I left I would be leaving God.

    After a few years as a member, a gut-feeling told me that the elders could not be led by Holy Spirit. The meetings became a lesson in haughtyness and I felt I needed to get out.

    When I saw people who were very good and actually had higher morals than some members, I thought "There's no way God will destroy everyone not a Baptized Jehovah's Witness."

    The person who helped me the most was my mom who is not a Jehovah's Witness. She heard me out and never once judged me.

    I wish that the lessons I learned would not have taken so long. I know now that we are all accountable to our own selves for the way we live our lives.

    I would tell people that: If a religion tells you were to work, how to handle your medical decisions, who to marry and what you should be doing every day of the week, get out. That's over-control! Each person needs to make their own decisions and not feel that they have to exclude important people from their life just because they have a different set of religious beliefs. Also, God's gift is life, you can't earn it. I honestly believe that.


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  • YoursChelbie


    Thanks for clarifying for us:

    Everybody-- use the questions just as a guide.

    I'm shy, My responses were not that wild.

  • SYN

    BTTT for Aussies, early-bird Americans, lunching South Africans/Europeans, and of course, hard late-night partying Hawiians!

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