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  • Ephesians6

    Why is it that the Dubs have two types of Salvation? 1 The Faithful and Discreat salves 2 the other sheep. One goes to Heaven and as Holy Spirit, and the other stays on Earth and no Spirit. The Bible only has one Salvation in Jesus Christ alone.

  • revdrjohnson

    Actually, they don' have ANY kind of Salvation. If you look up the word in most WT indexes it will say, "see, Redemption" Jehovah's Witnseese do not teach a doctrine of Salvation.

  • Ephesians6

    The Bible Teaches Salvation. Saving us is what Jesus came here to Do. That is why He died and Rose again. If the Watch Tower does not teach this then they are leading their followers down the wrong parth. A path that will distroy these people.

  • hooberus

    For JWs who die their only hope of salvation is to be "resurrected" to paradise earth.

    According to Watchtower doctrine there is no salvation for these as the Watchtower teaches that their original bodies will NEVER be raised but will remain in the GRAVE FOREVER.

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