People are so thick!!!

by 67mustang 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • 67mustang

    How can someone be at this website for any amount of time and not no what it's about. Somebody was reading on it and found my name and kept sending me emails, asking if I'm studying or baptised, those questions should have been enough, but I assumed she knew. When I told her my stance she got all pist off. I thought she was some open minded person from this site, but she was a confused girl from the borg. It's a shame. Could she have thought it was a JW singles site?

  • deddaisy

    she was a confused girl from the borg.....

    all they're concerned with is if you're studying or material........

  • ChakkaConned
    ChakkaConned's just sexual tension. Monopolise on it!)

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Maybe from your pic she thought you were a rock star! Hey, your first online groupie - enjoy the fame - now wait for the fortune


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