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    Backdrop: For a few years posts have popped up on the Alvin Hansen lawsuit against the Watchtower Society, alleging various charges against the Watchtower Society for stealing funds from their family trust, trumping up false charges to get Alvin kidnapped and held for 52 months, false IRS tax liens, and interference in his marriage to his wife, Jacqueline. There is even a web site which details this account at:

    San Francisco County, CA Case at: http://www.theawaregroup.com/tab%20articles/watchtower.htm

    The Jackson County, OR Case at: http://www.theawaregroup.com/tab%20articles/wtchupdate.htm


    I received some time ago what appears to be certified court documents naming Alvin and Jacqueline Hansen (aka ABVA Trust) as Plaintiffs and the Bank of America, the State of Oregon, a Judge, and a District Attorney, and others as Defendants. ONLY ONE of the documents from the US District Court, 9 th Circuit, California Eastern Division, names the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc. as a defendant, at the very end of a fairly long list of Defendants.

    Another document is from the Superior Court in San Francisco County showing a Satisfaction of Judgment, dated July 6, 1999, stating a partial payment of a total judgment of $8,225,349,800.00 (Billion with a B) ... this amount caught my attention, and so I pursued this much further.

    The last document is a partial of a sworn statement signed by Alvin Hansen as to the injuries he suffered, etc.

    Some of documents appear very legitimate, and give enough information that I was able to trace their authenticity back to the court of origination and get some additional information.


    There is a case in the San Francisco County Superior Court

    , civil case number CGC-95-968484. It was filed in April 3, 1995 and the latest action in the "Register of Actions" in that ongoing case was recorded July 17, 2002, wherein Alvin Hansen filed Exhibits for Proof of Service, and a Press release. Reviewing the nearly 350 pages listing over 14,000 separate "Actions" in the proceedings shows that Alvin Hansen has filed several actions, including an Exhibit: Watchtower Felony Judgment; NTC to Creditors of Bulk Sale by Auction filed by Intervenor, Alsin Hansen, dated June 11, 2002. There are many more facts with Alvin Hansen's name attached to them, but this is enough for now.

    Here are the facts that cause serious question of Alvin Hansens claims:

    The title of Case No. CGC-95-968484 is: State of California VS Bank of America NT&SA; Cause of Action: "Other Non Exempt Complaints." Nowhere is the Watchtower Society ever named in the title. Nor is there anything alluding to other Defendants. Checking the List of Defendants and ALL parties to the lawsuit, this is the result:

    Named defendants in this case:

    Bank of America, NT & SA, BankAmerica Corp, and BankAmerica State Trust Co. That is it, PERIOD !!!


    State of California


    There are 255 total Intervenors. They range from a FEW private individuals like Alvin Hansen, to various city and state agencies, such as Elementary School Districts, Community Services Districts, Municipal Development Agencies, Water Districts, Public Financing Authorities, City and County governments all up and down California, etc., etc., etc.

    A Clue: What is an Intervenor? It is similar in some respects to a Friend of the Court or Class Action, except:

    A Friend of the Court situation, the party takes no legal stand with the Plaintiff or Defendant, but does take a legal position as a Friend of the Court, and states the matters of law as they see it and urges the Court to consider their position.

    In a Class Action, a single party is the Plaintiff, but files suit for a Class of persons. Example, a cancer victim sues a tobacco company for a class of smokers.

    An Intervenor joins a suit uninvited and already in progress. The Intervenor can take either side and actually joins them as a party. In the case of the State of California VS Bank of America, about 255 Intervenors, mostly various government agencies joined the State of California.

    Here is one legal definition of Intervention:

    1. The act by which a third party becomes a party in a suit pending between other persons.

    2. The intervention is made either to be joined to the plaintiff, and to claim the same thing he does, or some other thing connected with it or, to join the defendant, and with him to oppose the claim of the plaintiff, which it-is his interest to defeat.

    3. When a third person, not originally a party to the suit or proceeding, but claiming an interest in the subject-matter in dispute, may, in order the better to protect such interest, interpose his claim, which proceeding is termed intervention. The Intervenor may come in at any stage of the cause, and even after judgment, if an appeal can be allowed on such judgment.

    Mr. Alvin Hansen is NOT a Plaintiff in this case

    , but an Intervenor joined with the State of California and 254 other government agencies against the Bank of America. Alvin Hansen is NOT the center of this case, and I am not sure if the Alvin Hansen mentioned in the Proceedings is necessarily the same Alvin Hansen as the one claiming to have sued the Watchtower. I am not sure that the Watchtower which is named in the proceedings is necessarily the same Watchtower Society we know, but could be a number of business that use the same name. There are many, including a recording group called Watctower, a security system called Watchtower, etc.


    The Cause of Action is not clear to me, so I need to do some homework as to what this suit is about. Normally a Cause of Action is clear and is the basis in law for the Plaintiff to sue the Defendant. An example is that of Goldman v Simpson where Ron Goldman Sr. sued OJ Simpson for the Cause of Action of Wrongful Death of his son, Ron Goldman, Jr. So, until I can get some court transcripts, I cant tell for sure what this case is about, other than the State of California is pissed off at the Bank of America, a California corporation, and so are over 200 other state and county government agencies, including school districts.

    Attorneys of Record: T

    here are a truckload of lawyers, to match the number of parties involved. However, while Mr. Alvin Hansen claims to have an attorney represent him according to the web site posted on his behalf, the actual case noted, he is shown as "Pro Per" ... which means that he is representing himself.

    Financial Awards:

    The case was adjudicated, and an award was specified and payments have been made. However, the payment record does not stipulate who received payment, or how much they received. Nor does the records show the actual monetary judgment. So, there is no way right now to confirm whether the $8,225,349,800.00 claimed by Alvin Hansen is true or credible, and what, if any, portion he is awarded and entitled to.

    Court of Jurisdiction:

    According to Mr. Alvin Hansen, an unspecified court "Voided" his judgment as a forgery. Other documents he provided seem to link a lower court. This is not clear, nor sensible because a lower court, or even an equal court cannot overturn what another court does. An Appeals Court or a State Supreme or Federal Supreme Court can overturn lower court decisions. It is not clear whether an Appellate Court was involved.

    Federal District Court, Eastern Division of California:

    Some of the documents I have from Mr. Hansen show that a Federal District Court in California is involved in another decision where the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is mentioned. The Case Number is Civil Rico No. 88-681 MLS. It is a Default judgment entered November 16, 1992, dealing with issued dating back to April 6, 1989. The Plaintiff list is likewise rather long, but again, only part of the document is provided, and actual monetary award is not shown.

    I have to check this one out some more and find out whether any of that makes any sense, or full of more dead ends. I did check into the US District Court in Sacramento, Ca and their online cases only go back to January 2001.

    WHAT CAN BE CONCLUDED SO FAR?: There is a person named Alvin Hansen who is a very minor "Intervenor" in an unclear Cause of Action between the State of California and Bank of America in a civil suit. This same Alvin Hansen has filed some Exhibits from time to time, including some unspecified felony judgment against some entity called Watchtower. Some unclear monetary award has been granted to the Plaintiffs, and possibly Intervenors, and some unclear amount of payments have been made to some un-stated parties. Full satisfaction of the judgment has not been made, however.

    The Federal District Court case noted above seem more promising at face value, since the RICO laws are cited and it appears to be a little more clear as to the Cause of Action, as to crimes against shareholders and judgment creditors. Nevertheless, I wonder if it will show that Alvin Hansen is credible and has been involved in winning a major judgment against the Watchtower Society. However, given that the San Francisco County Superior Court case does not really resemble what is represented about Alvin Hansen's on the cited web page noted above, then I suspect that the Federal District Court case may have holes big enough to drive a truck through it too.

    DAMN IT !!!: I wanted this to be true and felt so good when I saw that the San Francisco case was a real case with Alvin Hansen's name listed ... for a moment, it felt like I had won the lottery.

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  • sunshineToo

    Thank you, Amazing, for your post. For a moment I was happy, too.

  • amac

    It is commendable that you took the time and effort to verify something you were hoping was true. And especially commendable in the fact that you are willing to share the information despite it not being the answer you had hoped for.

  • RunningMan

    Thanks for doing all of this research. I, too, wanted to see someone sue the Society's ass off. However, the original story just seemed a little unbelievable to me.

  • Amazing

    I am not 100% sure that the Alvin Hansen story is entirely false, but so far, it appears to be more likely a serious embellishment or an outright hoax. If I can get copies of the final Court Opinions ( which are normally just a few pages) then I can determine for sure if Mr. Hansen was blowing smoke up our rectums or not.

  • Bendrr

    Thanks for the hard work Amazing, even though I'm still not clear on just what the hell this is all about. When you replied on my thread about Alvin Hansen you said the same things I have thought about it: convoluted, bizarre, and surreal. Honestly, I am very hesitant to believe what I've read on the links you provided. It sounds like the papers you received don't shed much light either.

    In my thread yesterday I asked for the whole story. I think that many would like the same thing.

    Who is Alvin Hansen? What is his history with the Witnesses? It sounds like he was/is well-to-do, since the issue seems to revolve primarily around money and a trust. What is ABVA trust? Why is the WTS involved in the first place? Could this be a situation in which money was placed in trust for the WTS in a will and they got greedy? Was it retribution for "apostasy"?

    The main question in my mind is why hasn't this story gotten national media attention? Fox News, CNN, and shows like Dateline and 60 Minutes would definitely be all over it. Show me some newspaper articles.


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