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  • SYN
    Heh, while we'd love to have kids, we aren't too keen on the idea in this system...but the only way to guarentee that is to practice abstinence and we aren't too keen on that idea either, therefore we've "planned" in a way for it, but aren't planning on it exactly either...

    This is very disturbing indeed. If you're going to bring another human being into this world, it should be a carefully considered decision and done at the appropriate time, when both partners feel it is right and you can support the child. IMHO, it shouldn't be something left to chance. Or left until the New System, for that matter. *spit* URgh, they make me sick.

    Y'all agree with me, right?

  • SYN

    Here is the thread on JWZone I stole this from...damn...those delightful Dubs and Dubettes give me so much of my comedy material...


  • truthseeker1

    In other words, they want to sound theocratic by not wanting kids in this system, but don't fully believe and don't want to throw their chances of ever having kids away.

  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    Before the pill most kids were "unplanned."

  • zenpunk

    UGGGGH! Those conversations on JWZone are really annoying! Plus - take the pill - its over 99% effective.

  • SYN

    Zen: It's the other 1% that gets you preggers

  • plmkrzy

    Co-Majestrix Little Q

    From: The Q Continuum
    .................. WHAT THE F*** IS THIS?........

    Also I thought putting too much importance on music was a big no no.

    They have a forum deticated to the pure energy of music. scratches head


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  • SYN

    Plum: A lot of those Dubs, Dubettes, and Dubbies on the JW Zone are borderline cases!

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