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  • orangefatcat

    Scully it would be the greatest place to have an Apostofest and BBQ, and yes it would be fabulous. The pix and the location on the map are great.

    I am all for a perfect party there and also there is Sauble Falls Provincial Park, It is a good camping ground if you can get on the east camp ground on the river side that would be like fantastic.

    Count me in 100 percent....

    PS. No kitty didn't chow down on fishy it was too gritty from sand. me no like gritty things to eat, reminds me of kitty litter. yucky !!!

    Scully are you going to arrange an group for apostofest gathering or what????? Let us know.


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  • Scully

    I don't know if I can arrange a whole apostofest from such a long distance. But I'd love to get away for a long weekend or something. Unfortunately, my "vacation" starts on Sunday and we've already made some plans for the week.

    Any idea what it's like there in mid-September?? Hubby has to get away for a few days on business, but I'd like to take my kids someplace like that while the weather is still fair and not too terribly cold at night, and the summer crowds have died down a bit.

    Dates I have in mind are Sept 13-15.

    Anyone who wants to join in, join in. It'll be one of those BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) gigs. :D

    Love, Scully

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