More Reverse Cleansing

by metatron 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • metatron

    The organization now:

    Protects child molesters (who usually can't be 'changed')
    Persecutes Witnesses who complain about child molesters.

    Amazing! The light keeps on getting darker!

    All hail the dumber and crazier Watchtower Society!


  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    Here, here! Hail the arse holes! Hail, brimstone, fire,....whatever gets the job done.


  • nancee park
    nancee park

    They think this protects their butts from prison and the organization's money. In the end it will cost more than if they had simply reformed. To say nothing of the reproach it brings on God's name and the good people that are deceived.

  • Stephanus

    I've never seen such an exemplary case of an organisation which goes against all the rules of good organisational practise. They reward the crims and the prats, and ostracise and punish the decent people and the victims. They count time spent in service rather than effective contact made with prospective members. They create an atmosphere hostile to the next generation which is, in this time of slow growth by conversion, their only hope of continuity. They insist that the R&F follow to the letter rules that they are distancing themselves from. They dumb down the congregation at just a time when a smarter congregation would be a real survival tool. They throw members out for the slightest percieved disloyalty and create a huge body of outsiders in the know who have both reason and now, with the internet, the resources to organise against them. The list is of course longer and could go on into the night, but you get the idea!

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