declare war on the WT!

by knighthawk1981 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • knighthawk1981

    being that not many of us will be able to make it into new york in sept to protest...i have a better idea...i say we protest at local kingdom halls on that same day of the NY protest!

  • YoursChelbie


    I believe that Sept. 27 falls on a Friday. Having a peaceful demonstration may not work too well since there may not be a meeting in every KH on that day.

    Just a thought.


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  • TR

    Just a protest? Awww Crap! I was gettin' the fuel oil and fertilizer ready! Now I'm gonna hafta forfeit the deposit I put on the RYDER truck.


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  • rocky220

    Dropping a "dime" to FBI or comprable law agency about the BORG's illegal database in Patterson,NJ containing 23,000+ cases of UNREPORTED SEX ABUSE CASES.

    [just a thoughtrocky]

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    I think it's a wonderful idea having local protests to go on too. Of course the WTS doesn't want that.

  • knighthawk1981

    well who gives a sh** what they want theyll just have to deal with it...thats the same attitude they give victims of abuse so lets give them the same attitude


    WBTS wants their opposers to act nutty.That way no one will take them seriously...OUTLAW

  • anglise

    There are already plans underway for those who are unable to take part in the protest.

    They are not being published on the board as yet.

    Please email me if you want details.

    This will enable anyone to make their protest known and has been approved by Bill Bowen .


  • knighthawk1981

    if there isnt one in gainesville, FL...I'll organize one....being that this is a college town people will prtest anything. I've seen protests against the death penalty and sanctions against Iraq....I'm sure someone will prtest those nasty pedophiles

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