Does This Mean JWs No Longer Point the Finger at Child Sexual Abuse in Other Religions?

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  • umbertoecho

    Steve2 That's right.

    She had her tablet out and was trying to get me to read an article by the society. It was a self indulgent and self righteous piece of work. I did read it at her insistence for she is my sister and I do love her........still. After all the self righteous slights she has sent my way.

    I read this societies take on child abuse and how wonderful they thought they were. After, I showed her how cunning the wording was. For example, it said that ....."in countries where it is law, enforcible law, that anyone working in tandem with children, teaching or overseeing in any way.... must have a Working With Children Card..". This showed that the society would not willingly set up a system of careful vetting of known sex offenders or those who were acting suspiciously. Not on their own anyway. No, this would be tantamount to a dirtying of their pristine view of "them", as opposed to the rest of the dirty, rotten, filthy, worldly people outside of their paradise like religion.

    I didn't get far, I was speaking and she was talking over me...........Defending God's organization. That is exactly how she was ranting. She lost her temper, not me. She was so angry she was spluttering in my face. She had lost her temper and I saw she hated me at that moment. It's not the first time I have seen this on JW faces either.

    The article did some more waffle about how the society hates child abuse. It was as though, if they threw in as many sentences as they could about how they hate abuse and don't condone it. They could feel very clean and godly, even though they had cases hidden from the average rank and file.

    In trying to point out to her that,...." this is a criminal action and not one of sin". She became totally unreasonable, completely out of control. I tell you, it was awful trying to get past her and down the stairs as she blocked my way, forcing this tablet with the WT material in my face.

    I told her I was going through something at the daughters case.....but she didn't want to know. She wanted to force me into saying that the org was perfect and that all the other religions were evil nests for sexual abuse. I pushed past her, she was calling out names to my retreating back. They were not nice sounding names either. I knew I was right but I was shaking with some sort of emotion as I tried to get the car going and get home to my safe haven.

    Her husband who is equally strong in this religion, spends a lot of time trying to discredit any abuse claim that he comes across re...the WTBTS. It's his mission to make woman liars first, then castigate all boys or men who have suffered....... to be sick deranged little boys who fantasized about a none existent abuse..".In this way, they find an excuse to be homosexuals at worst, or anti Jehovah...equally worse... All the world is a liar according to these witnesses who happen to be family.

    The society is terribly concerned about how public this ugly expose of their wrongs will become. It has enjoyed so many wins in the past. It glowed with self approval and conviction in their divine backing by God as they won case after case in the courts of law, it sought the right to have religious freedom and won.

    Nowadays, the scene has changed and it is challenged to defend it's illegal and inhumane neglect toward children and any others who have been hurt. They don't like that. They don't brag as much in their magazines anymore. At least, not that I have seen online or in the ones that I have.

    This is a strange time for them. It's a strange time for all of us.........It was very strange to have an elder and his wife turn up at my door two weeks ago and have him tell me about his sexual abuse....He was condemning it, but he was more about the "repentance" of the criminal than his own rights. My sister was exactly the same. She said that if a JW does such a thing toward a child.......they often repent and that is sufficient for the society. I tell the truth here, I really do.

  • DarioKehl


    anyone remember one of their stupid campaign tracts in the early 2000s had a picture of a catholic priest? It was also a scathing message against catholics specifically. I'd love to see JWs try that now

  • garyneal

    > Then, if the WBT$ really believe in Jar Hoover, they should be quaking in their boots

    Thank you punk of nice. They are a religion that is every but as guilty as the religions they speak out against.

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • Mephis
    The extent to which some JWs take the carefully loaded statements from Brooklyn as meaning its open season to victim blame is shocking really. The WBTS can take to the stand, admit the abuse happened and agree it shouldn't, but you'll still find JWs who are so convinced that it could never happen that they'll refuse to accept it did. The victims are stealing from God, they're lying for gain, they're apostates and want to tarnish Jehovah's name etc etc etc. Anything but question whether or not their religion has adequate safeguarding policies. It's grim really because it all contributes to putting children at risk, with the WBTS only too willing to wash their hands of any responsibility when it suits them.
  • steve2

    Dario, I so remember reading about that campaign at the time and having a reaction along the lines of, "Here they go again...same old, same old".

    Now, you're right: They wouldn't have the nerve to run that sort of "challengingly" critical campaign of sexually abusive priests because it would stir up a firestorm of counter criticism and especially the charge of hypocrisy.

  • Phizzy

    I think the average, R&F JW is totally unaware that they have a huge problem, is unaware of the cases that have surfaced, and certainly not expecting the quantity of cases which will no doubt come in the future.

    I think too that the average members of the Public have zero knowledge of the JW abuse problem.

    If a JW encounters a rare person who has some knowledge of the abuse they dismiss it as lies that must have been gleaned from opposers and apostates.

    The Org will continue on its way for a long time, and make sure the R&F remain in ignorance.

    If we get any opportunity to spread the word we should grasp it.

  • dozy
    The Societies magazines and JW.Org are designed to portray a false "everything is wonderful" public image of the supposedly "spiritual paradise" amongst Jehovah's witnesses. So they will never openly acknowledge any kind of issue or problem within the Organisation.
  • punkofnice
    umbertoecho3 days agoYes, they do point the finger at every other religion concerning child abuse. I had an experience recently with my own family trying to tell me how evil Catholics and other religions are for their cover ups. It got nasty for a bit as I pointed out the evidence of abuse in this religion. Basically, they say it is all lies.

    They would do. these drones are programmed to protect their perverted hive leaders at all costs.

    I am sorry you experienced such outrageous the same time it's no surprise.

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