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  • Lemonp

    I have been thinking about this after all the recent money grabbing done by the Org.

    I believe that now it is in a strong position financially, and it may even get better!

    Firstly the congregation bank accounts being emptied out must have supplied millions upon millions of dollars. if you were to put an average of $1000 was given by each Cong, then that meant for a payday of over 100 Million dollars, not to mention the ongoing monthly contributions.

    Secondly, the aging population. It is well know that the Org has asked to beneficiaries in your will. So rather than an old congregation being a problem, it probably could be even more profitable than a young one!

    Elderly people place less literature, ask less questions, and have only the paradise to look forward to.

    In my grandparent's cong, someone died and left their HOUSE to the congregation... just in time for the bank account to be emptied out!

    How many of your elderly relatives on the Org talk about the May Broadcast favorably? These are the people who will be upping their donations as per request!

    I really believe that simply by coasting on the shoulders of the elderly the Org has no monetry worries at all.

  • tiki
    it's quite the racket they have going on........remember that saying "a fool and his money are soon parted"........about sums it up unfortunately.
  • Lemonp
    I can only hope that things go badly with the construction of the huge super bethels in the UK and USA
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Every J.W. in recent years who has bequeathed money and/or property to their own K.H. should rewrite their wills, otherwise, the elders will be required to automatically send every penny straight to "mother" from now on - regardless of the deceased's wishes.
  • DesirousOfChange

    If there is any truth to the broadcast begging for money and the statement that expenses will exceed donations, one can only hope that is an indication that more and more are awakening or at least questioning WTF is going on.

    We all know that questions and doubts are the stepping stones to discovering TTATT.

    Google is our friend!


  • ABibleStudent

    I read a lot of complaining threads about the WTBTS on JWN. The WTBTS does this or that that victimizes JWs.

    Why don't JWN members write to the IRS using form 13909 or to their politicians? Complaining on JWN is a waste of time. If 10,000+ people wrote to the IRS or politicians, change might occur (at a glacially slow pace).

    If you have first hand knowledge about WTBTS fraudulently converting loans to donations, rebuilding homes after natural disasters for the insurance money, selling donated materials for KH builds, or other dubious schemes, then check the box(es) on form 13909 for:

    • Directors/officers/persons are using income/assets for personal gain
    • Organization engaged in deceptive or improper fundraising practices
    • Other (describe):

    The IRS form can be submitted anonymously and non-Americans can submit the form to the IRS.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Phizzy

    Thank you, Robert, I did not realise that we outside of the U.S.A could have an effect !

    I think their present cash situation may well be relatively short lived, you only sell Brooklyn properties once, you only empty the Congregation's Savings Account once.

    Admittedly the churning of K. Hall and Assembly Hall sites will continue for years, but I do believe they will find cash flow a problem within a year or two, despite all the cost-cutting and down-sizing they have done.

    Anything we can do to exacerbate their problems is all to the good.

  • joe134cd
    At the moment WTBTS is ridiculously wealthy. Well at least as far as physical cash goes. This isn't the issue. The issue is long term solvency. Clearly the way they have operated in the past is no longer sustainable now or into the future. This idea that they will become more off beat and extreme, I believe won't happen. They just can't afford to have educated thinking members walk out on them. They are already few and far between now and these members are the ones with the cash.
  • kaik
    WT is moving from money creation to wealth preservation. This is normal situation when empire stops expanding, and the needs turns from generating wealth to preserve a wealth. WT knows it hit a limit on expansion in rich countries in Europe, Northern America, and Asia while poor countries see membership growths but it will not offset declining revenues in OECD countries. The leadership is aware of it, and it will try as much to preserve its wealth without burning it. Also the global recession since 2008 cut into money flow, and this may also cause some panic in the accounting department as they see their wealth evaporate by global crisis.
  • punkofnice

    I said to 2 JWs, "I see the Watchtower is begging you for money now."

    No reply. Just embarrassed looks.

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