Very Offensive Statement Directed To JW Parents-Watchtower 4/15/2015 Page 11 Paragraph 9

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  • wallsofjericho

    Being "still in" I can tell you most fathers want their kids to go to college or get a trade right out of school.

    I hear the hushed conversations all the time. Many of my friends have college aged kids and the majority are taking post secular ed.

    this article is a direct hit on this. The Borg won't come right out and say "don't send your children to college" but this is about direct as it gets

    it won't do anything, parents seem to know better

  • done4good

    I have to give the org. credit...They seem to be finding new angles of paranoia all the time now.

    It used to just be, "do more, do more, do more", now it is about putting blame on those for why others are not "doing more"...

    The wheels are slowly coming off.


  • DesirousOfChange

    SafeAtHome: And the "senior" parents of these 20 and 30 somethings are the generation who grew up in the 60's and 70's who were told not to get any higher education because this old system wouldn't be around long enough for them to finish. Now these same "senior" parents are facing retirement with no real savings from working menial jobs. Perhaps they didn't want the same uncertain future to befall their children so they encouraged them to do more than sell magazines door to door.. I know in my own family, 2 of my cousins (both elders) have kids who went to college.

    I apologize that I failed to read all of the posts, as when I read this comment from SAH, I realized it sums it all up beautifully IMO. That describes our family situation perfectly. I'd rather our kids went to college and got the education that will help them to be successful in life even if it was at least in part responsible for them learning TTATT.


  • sir82

    How many parents of those "disengaged" 20-30 somethings were sitting in the audience, listening to the Watchtower throw them under the bus?

    Funny thing is, within the next decade or 2, all those "disengaged 20-30 somethings" will have their own children reach their 20's, and be (even more) disengaged.

    Lack of guys reaching out has nothing to do with "parents setting secular goals for them". It has everything to do with, as mentioned several times above, not wanting to jump into the spinning hamster wheel and burn out, the way they saw happen to their parents' and grandparents' generations.

    Watchtower is facing a significant problem, and has no clue how to fix it. It will become noticeably serious, even to the most brain-dead JWs, before the decade is over, and might very well spiral into a crisis very quickly.

  • Absalom

    Why don't they take the time and ask the brother's in their 20's and 30's the reasons why they are not reaching out? Oh that's right, they don't want the real reason!

    How would elders know the reason someone is not reaching out, when the last two study articles admit that the "teachers" having been reaching out to the "learners"

  • Oubliette

    Splash, thanks for the research which shows the WTBTS cannot decide whether they "need" more spiritual men or have "an abundance."

    They seem pretty indecisive.

  • Sapphy

    Being a lowly woman, of course 'reaching out' in anything other than preaching, toilet cleaning and the occasional quick build was not an option. However being in an elders family, my dad & my brother are both COBEs or POs or whatever they call them, I saw the unbearable strain put on our family due to these responsibilities.

    Phone calls at 4 in the morning from distraught sisters whose husbands were drunk, couples who needed marriage guidance counselling weekly, for months, never ending judicial committees and appeal committees, elders meetings that went on for hours, not to mention the normal business of eldering, talks & counsel and so on. Add to that COs on a power trip, divisions, rivalries and politics in the elder body.

    I think the question should have been, how have we managed to get so many to do much for so long for nothing!

  • nicolaou

    DOC, I was about to quote SafeAtHome too. He nailed it.

  • steve2

    Chiding and shaming is an old Watchtower game. In this age of rapid organizational change, it's instructive that this old game has not changed.

    I love the bald use of the language of "surveying" opinions of a distinctive group to prop up a dubious policy of prioritizing unpaid "leadership" servitude in the organization over training to earn a decent income for one's family.

    Shame on JW parents who want more for their children than servitude in an organization that has a well-deserved reputation for using willing helpers then spits them out when passed their "Use By" date.

    The article is an inadvertent admission that JW parents increasingly want more for their children than working for an organization in which waiting for the end has become a chronically stifling lifestyle.

    Keep up the self-righteous demoralizing GB - you are helping more and more inside open their eyes to your shaming game.

  • Watchtower-Free

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