Recording that would blow up viral!

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  • aintenoughwiskey
    I was wondering if anyone had an audio recording of a Woman, preferably a minor being asked the intimate details of a Fornication JC. That would hit the fan hard.
  • tim3l0rd
    That would be HUGE! Unfortunately most don't wake up until their in the middle of or after their JC.
  • aintenoughwiskey
    I hate to go all Machiavellian, but it would have to be planned.
  • nelim

    That would be huge indeed! If they wake up before, then either they won't speak to the elders, or the topic of the JC would be apostasy instead of whatever intimate matter.

    Although the "loving elder" recording on jwstruggle's youtube proves there are also women who do record their conversation. So there might be hope ;-)

  • wifibandit
  • cappytan
    wifibandit: I was thinking about just that post when I read this OP.
  • DarioKehl

    OMG that would be epic. It would make the secular news. Only old-timey die-hards would change the channel in time. The majority of RF TBM JWs would eventually see enough of it to be utterly appalled.

    Hmmm... I know some slutty dub girls who could be persuaded if they ever got caught. It would have immensely more impact if the girl was a minor.

    i wonder if it would be easier to get a disgruntled mom or dad to record it. Aren't they allowed to sit in if she's under 18? Of course, that raises huge ethical questions: is it morally right to subject a girl to trauma and humiliation just to get a video? (I say YES. this shit needs to be exposed. Globally.)

  • berrygerry

    It's a huge thing for anyone, esp. female, esp. young.

    Also, remember people going into a JC have no idea that it will unfold as it does,

    I imagine that the vast majority are shocked at how it proceeds, as well as the questions that are asked, and how the elders tag-team the questions.

  • aintenoughwiskey

    Here is another twist. Have the JC charged with distributing child porn. They would likely all have viewed the evidence (images) of a minor involved in a sexting case. From what I understand if a minor is involved they call legal. For this very reason no doubt. They would probably still have to view the images to determine if a JC was warranted.

    Talk about poetic justice for the girl!
  • TheListener
    I feel really bad for that girl in the reddit posts. I hope she truly knows TTATT but more likely she just isn't into all the rules and regulations. I hope her boyfriend doesn't get a guilty conscience and open up to the elders. If he does it's all over for their relationship.

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