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by Golden Girl 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Do any of you post on any other X JW boards? If so..which ones?

    And what do you like about them?

    And you could include what you like about this board..

    When I first started posting here..I was overwhelmed! It is so big!.

    Slowly learning my way around though!

    Golden Girl..

  • Perfection Seeker
    Perfection Seeker

    I like this board. I found it JUST when I needed it! :-)

    I have never checked out any other boards, this one keeps me busy & happy :-)

    My favorite feature on this site, is how the colors change when you log on, so you know there are new posts. That's cool.

    Everyone does such a nice job posting & replying. Very "family like".

    Keep up the good work everyone! :-)


  • Dismembered

    No other board for me. This one is to much fun. Plus this one has Farkel...........he way cool

  • Sabine

    I enjoyed Tim's board very much, made many friends, met up with some board members in person...wonderful.

    But, IMHO, a "guru" type took over the board and that pretty much turned me off.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Hi Sabine..I remember you were one of the ones there when I first joined...Yep...there is another one of those Guru's there now! He also took over the boards ...

    Love to see your picture...Beautiful!

    Golden Girl ...aka Snoozy

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