Did Jason B Dunn say the "New World Translation is the most accurate translation there is?" Why make a new Bible than?

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  • millie210

    Thanks Phizzy.

    This is a topic I dont know much about.

    I have looked at the "new gray wonder" very little. I feel kind of yucky when I pick it up so I havent picked it up much lol.

    I have been shown a few verses that are enough to make me know I need to at least read more about it - even if it doesnt appeal to read "it".

    I believe they have changed wordage about the Governing Body in Jerusalem? Also, older men has been changed to elder?

    Then there is the reference to not forsaking the gathering of yourselves together. The red Bible has Jesus words about "wherever two or more..." listed as a reference in the margin. The new gray one has taken that out.

    I am not familiar with what exactly the criteria is that would make experts define a Bible as one or the other as to paraphrasing.

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