Barings Bank & the JWs

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  • Phizzy

    Barings Bank, and the Soviet Union, were demolished by one man, Leeson in the case of Barings, and Gorbachev in the case of the USSR.

    Both men accomplished what they did accidently, so something similar could happen to the WT/JW Scam.

    Perhaps a combination of the two mistakes made. Leeson was over-confident as to his investing (gambling) skills, Gorbachev thought his modernisation of the USSR was going to prolong its existence.

    Perhaps a desire to go more mainstream coupled with fiscal ineptitude will finish 'em off ?

  • Vidiot

    Don't forget, Phizz, they're only attempting to appear mainstream; under the skin, they're still the same authoritarian high control group they've been for decades.

    However, it does occur to me that the illusion they're attempting to create cannot help but clash with the reality of the WTS's true nature.


    As for fiscal ineptitude, well, that always spells trouble for a corporation.

    Switching from literature sales to real estate may shore up the dam for a while, but the WTS's internal policies will still result in significant blunders (which result in high overhead), simply by virtue of the fact that its leadership are True Believers; virtually all their decisions are made with that mindset.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I think that money might do it... People are crunched for money and time. If the publishers found out that this call for "more money for our tremendous need for more K Halls" was really resulting in a

    1. selling off of K Halls on prime land

    2. a combining of congregations due to less publishers

    3. finding out the Society was lying, manipulating/ using them, asking for more and more and more while actually doing less and less (no K Halls being built, but sold... no "missionaries" coming home for the conventions.... no real costs but more $$$$$ needed)

    I think that this would really get people mad. Not doctrine... Money!

    Facts and figures, that is what is needed (remember when they ask for more money at the Circuit Assembly? "We are behind by $5,000" then "Oh, we have $6,000 extra, let's send it to Bethel!!" "Yay!" Such liars, they were never behind, it was a terrible rue they used every weekend to rake in the money! Shame on "God's true organization")

  • bradford

    Armageddon would bring the organization down

  • Vidiot

    bradford - "Armageddon would bring the organization down "


    Yeah, if it really happened and happened the way they think, they'd be just as eligible for God's Wrath as any other "false religion".


    On a related note, I often thought if the Apocalypse actually occurred and tons of other survivors besides JWs got through it, it would seriously undermine the WT's theology.

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