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  • wokeup
    Instilling subliminal messages in commercial art goes back decades. One of my Sociology professors during the 70's gave us assignments combing the advertising illustrations in popular magazines to look for both overt and subtle things that had been painstakingly placed. One prime example, hard liquor ads. The ice cubes had been altered to resemble heads with eyes, noses and mouths. The majority would have 2-5 facial images per glass, often with the liquor at the level of the noses.
  • LisaRose

    I read the book Subliminal Seduction back in the day. I don't doubt that some artists place subliminal image in advertising art, but there is no evidence that people actually react to things that are not perceived on a conscious level. The often quoted study of placing subliminal ads for popcorn at movie theaters causing people to buy more popcorn has never been substantiated.

  • OrphanCrow
    wokeup: Instilling subliminal messages in commercial art goes back decades.

    Yes, subliminal imaging is an advertising industry standard.

    Subliminal imaging has been used by artists for centuries. It certainly is nothing new.

    The controversy that surrounds the subliminal image is whether or not it actually has any effect on human behavior. This is the point that many will argue over (besides whether or not the artist inserted the subliminals deliberately). I have met many people who get very uncomfortable and agitated when they are confronted with the idea. When I have questioned them about why it upsets them, some have revealed that they do not like the idea that they are susceptible to 'mind control' by something that they can't see. They are resistant to it because they view subliminal imaging as an affront to their intelligence. And it frightens some people, too..

    LisaRose: ....there is no evidence that people actually react to things that are not perceived on a conscious level. The often quoted study of placing subliminal ads for popcorn at movie theaters causing people to buy more popcorn has never been substantiated.

    The use of subliminal imaging to test its effect on human behavior is used in psychology and there have been many scientific studies that have supported the theory that subliminal imaging has an effect on behavior.

    From pg. 100 of Handbook on the Economics of Discrimination by William M. Rodgers:

    Devine (1989) conducted a clever experiment to test whether very subtle factors could influence categorizations. One hundred and twenty-nine students enrolled in an introductory psychology course at Ohio State University participated in the experiment for course credit. Participants took the Modern Racism Scale to determine their prejudice level. Participants were then shown Subliminal images) appearing on a computer screen for less than 30 milliseconds) of words associated with the social category ‘black’ (for example, black, poor, ghetto and negroes) using the stimuli priming method developed by Bargh and Pietromonaco (1982). Subjects were told that the experimenter was interested in how people form impressions. They were asked to read the famous ‘Donald paragraph’ which is a 12-sentence paragraph that has Donald engaging in ambiguously hostile behaviors like withholding rent until an apartment is painted or demanding money back at a retail store. The results were startling: participants who had been given the subliminal images rated Donald as significantly more hostile, and this was true for all prejudice levels. This experiment demonstrates the power of implicit associations and how such associations have been measured.

    Another study that measures brain activity in response to subliminal images:

    How the Brain Translates Money into Force: A Neuroimaging Study of Subliminal Motivation


    Unconscious motivation in humans is often inferred but rarely demonstrated empirically. We imaged motivational processes, implemented in a paradigm that varied the amount and reportability of monetary rewards for which subjects exerted physical effort. We show that, even when subjects cannot report how much money is at stake, they nevertheless deploy more force for higher amounts. Such a motivational effect is underpinned by engagement of a specific basal forebrain region. Our findings thus reveal this region as a key node in brain circuitry that enables expected rewards to energize behavior, without the need for the subjects`awareness.

    There are other studies besides the two examples I just posted, that have been done with more scientific rigour than the popcorn study, that support the theory that subliminal images can effect behavior.

  • steve2

    So many perceptive comments!

    It would be incredibly rare for a person about to be disfellowshipped to actually be present in the Hall to hear the announcement - this picture must qualify as being among the strangest depictions in JW literature in many, many years.

  • Inkvoid

    I take this image to mean ‘we are no part of the world, but she is’. And ‘she is part of the world, and you are not. You are the faithful people who are happy and united, and we value our happiness and unity over the fine clothes and superficial beauty which led her to sin. We are happy with our humble looks, daggy clothes and happy hearts’.

    A subtext seems to be that you are unattractive to the world, you look grey. You only find happiness at the KH where you are accepted for who and what you are. So long as you fit in.

    When I made this little film, subverting one of their awful videos, I put the happy ‘David’ in color chatting to his buddies at the back of the hall. Then into black and white as he gets the two elder treatment, JC and gets announced and falls apart a bit. Then back into color when he calls a buddie and gets a job. Last scene is him leaving the KH for the last time.


  • Oubliette

    Inkvoid, nice "remix"!

    I love it.

  • steve2

    Inkvoid, glad there was a turnaround. It illustrates how humans socialized into a "true" order of things are so very often at the absolute mercy of how that "order" treats them. Yet, there may come a "turning point" where the estranged individual has a WTF?! moment and walks away from the order's blatant emotional abuse and blackmail. All power to individuals doing so!

  • westiebilly11
    ..they turn their backs to her..their hearts are closed...they are to be pitied...they are dead inside.
  • redvip2000

    You see the 2 sisters in front hugging- they're probably glad that the sister got the boot, because she was the best looking one in the congregation.

    Just reminded me of my old congo. There was this young woman that was really cute - the daughter of the PO. Every sister had something negative to say about her. And every time she walked in the hall wearing tight dresses 5 minutes after the meeting started and walked down the isle to find a seat, you could sense all the men looking and salivating over her, while all the women were frowning and throwing dirty looks at her. Priceless.

  • berrygerry

    Usually don't post about images - but this is one messed-up image. I think a few Bethel artists are toying with us, or having an inside joke.

    If you zoom this article in PDF, the little boy looks like a 40-year-old midget (his arms are folded, and he looks pissed. Blue-dress was probably his fave.)

    The brother at the back looks like he's casting for Walking Dead.

    And I do not see demon faces that easily.

    However, the post about pony-tail's sleeve is spot on. That is one mellow Jesus face, eyebrow, closed eye, nose, smiling mouth, and beard.

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