This is a topic I am going to kill with my opening post.Why haven`t the Major religions of Christendom exposed J.W.`s as the true Apostates

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  • smiddy


    Your wicked , LOL ,with your Emo Phillips joke .

    However in the 60`s when i was a true believer their were two occasions where I witnessed two instances of other churches challenging Jehovah`s Witnesses ,one was with the Catholic Church writing articles about why were the J.W.`s having so much success in converting Catholics to the J.W.`s.? , the other was a Church of Christ sect that had a series at their local church answering questions about J.W.~s and how to deal with them .And this is going back some 40 years ago.

    So getting back to my O.P. why has their not been a significant advancement in challenging J.W.`s in all this time , till now by any Christian religion , surely they should be able to tear their arguments , doctrines , failed prophecies ,.,misapplications of scripture ,taking scriptures out of context . etc. etc.


  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    As someone on the outside, I'm afraid the answer may disappoint you.

    Most religions, I'm convinced, really don't spend a lot of time thinking about the Jehovah's Witnesses. And those who do only criticize them because they think the JWs are going to an eternal HELL. I know a Buddhist who is visiting the Vatican this month and meeting with the Pope. I've never heard of anyone from the WTBTS even being invited...not that they would go. The Orthodox Church only really goes gunning for the Catholics. Protestants, to them, are only extensions of the Catholic Church. Many people know something about the 144,000, the blood thing or soul sleeping, but that's about it. Islam is the go-to church of the Devil, and it's likely to stay that way until the JWs begin beheading people.
  • Vidiot
    There's something fundamentally ironic about a religion that, internally, thinks it's the most important in the world, whilst, externally, it's barely a blip on the world's radar.
  • FayeDunaway
    Vidiot I think most cults are delusional that way.

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