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  • umbertoecho

    I don't know if anyone has visited this site called 'watchtowerexamination'. If not, then I do recommend it strongly. This man Winston is a Jamaican and is well versed in the bible. His video's are excellent in subject matter and quality. He debunks JW doctrine without losing the plot and maintains a cool head regardless of the subject matter.

    Very good site for those who are confused about their feelings regarding the "truth".

  • disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2
    Yes it is a brilliant site. Thanks for pointing it out. Just spent a couple of hours watching his videos!
  • Zoos

    Just spent some time over there myself and intend to spend more this evening. Very nicely put together.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Magnum
    Thanks. Just watched some videos. Really good stuff.
  • umbertoecho
    He is good isn't he? I ended up watching all of them in the end. About 70 odd videos in all.

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