Adoption Leads Anyone?

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  • Perfection Seeker
    Perfection Seeker

    HI! My husband & I are trying to adopt. Anyone have any good leads, stories, an agency they heard was good, a friend who wants to give away her baby, or anything? :-) We live in Iowa- we hired a facilitator out of California- been on the waiting list for over a year. Guarantee the child won't be raised a witness :-) Plenty of Christmas & Birthdays to be had :-) Thanks- Melissa

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  • Dutchie

    Hi, Melissa, what type of baby did you and your husband have in mind? A white baby? Mixed race baby? Up to what age? I think this will help as people will know just what you're looking for. Best of luck to you both!

  • Been there
    Been there

    My daughter had a baby at 15. We placed her in an open adoption (We see her and go to her birthdays and christmas etc.) We went through Catholic Social Services. We're in northern KY. I don't know if you have to be Catholic to adopt thru them, they have closed adoptions too but we needed to know about her. The hardest thing I ever had to do.

    KY Been

  • Perfection Seeker
    Perfection Seeker

    Hello again! Thanks for your replies :-) My husband & I put down that we wanted a newborn baby- white preferably. Now, it has been a year, so will consider just about any age & any race- depending on situation. Of all things- as weird as this is- we got a call from our facilitator in May- there was a witness lady that wanted to give her baby up! She wasn't too much of a witness- was swearing on the phone, did drugs, had an affair- etc- but we said "SURE"- went out to California- and she was wishy washy about whether she wanted to sign papers- so the state jumped in & took the baby away- for fear she wouldn't sign- they knew the baby wasn't safe with her. Funny, yet one more bad witness story to add to my list! I don't know why I put the post on here- just thought someone might know of someone in a bad situation that needed a good home for their baby, or someone who knew someone who had a good experience with a certain agency, etc. Locally here, in Iowa- there is Catholic charities- need to be Catholic- Lutheran social services- need to be Lutheran- so right now- I am nothing- so limits things. Anyway, thanks for the posts :-)

  • writerpen
  • writerpen

    Perfection Seeker,

    I hope you weren't offended by my previous post. I'm an avid animal lover and actually take the photos of the animals on the abovementioned website every Sunday after church. I wish you both the best in adopting a child. I need new parents since being disfellowshipped, so maybe you could adopt me?

    Praying for your success in finding a little one.


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