Rutherford Said It !

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  • Amazing

    While preparing the JFR trial review, I found this little gem:

    Government: "You must be against war in all forms?"

    Rutherford: "So far as consecrated Christians are concerned; yes."

    Government: "You don't take the position that while it is wrong for members of your association, it is all right for all the rest of us to go ahead - you don't advocate that?"

    Rutherford: "Not advocate it, no."

    Government: "You don't think it would be wrong for the rest of us?"

    Rutherford: "No; I do not, but I will tell you the reason why. I would like to answer why."

    Government: " 'Forbids its members to participate in war in any form, and are against war in any form.' You say that met with your hearty approval?"

    Rutherford: "So far as it applies to consecretated members of our association, yes."

    Government: "You wouldn't have anyone else do what you don't want to do, would you?"

    Rutherford: "That is their business, not mine. I am not the keeper of the conscience of other people."

    This is FASCINATING TESTIMONY - because - earlier under examination, W. E. Van Amburgh stated that the Bible Students each interpreted the Bible in his own way ... and that the Watchtower had no creed about conscientious objection ... but now Rutherford contradicts Van Amburgh (his own guy) and agrees that 'consecrated' Bible Students are FORBIDDEN to participate in war.

    Then he agrees that it is okay for the rest of the people to go to war ... and says he is not the keeper of other people's consciences ... Rutherford seems confused to me ... what do you think?

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    Aren't all JWs confused?! Yes, he does contradict himself there doesn't he. It wouldn't be the last time for the Governing Body to do that either. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!!

  • Mary

    What a hypocrite Rutherford was! Saying that he's "not the conscience" of all other Witnesses (at that time). What a load of CRAP! If any Witness felt it their patriotic duty to go fight for freedom, then he would have been immediately kicked out of the organization for going against what Rutherford said!

    I also find it nauseating whenever the Watchtower or any other of the "study aids" say stuff like " Catholics kill Catholics and Protestants fight Protestants........" etc. etc. etc. They are PURPOSELY missing the big picture. War and killing people is never nice, but unfortunately, it's a reality that we've lived with since Cain killed Abel and sometimes war is necessary.

    I would like to ask all smuggly superior Witnesses who think they're so much better than "Christendom" because they didn't fight in WWII: What would have happened if ALL Americans had refused to take up arms and fight Hitler and Japan? Would we be sitting here today, enjoying Freedom of Religion? Not bloodly likely. Jehovah's Witnesses enjoy this freedom today because brave men who didn't even know them, went and fought the enemy and in alot of cases, gave their lives, so that you and I could live as free people, and not under some Dictatorship that hated anyone who wasn't blond hair/blue eyed.

    So the next time, some brain-dead Witness says anything to you about how Christians shouldn't fight in wars, I'd maybe ask them the above-mentioned question and see what they say.

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