East tennessee

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  • wonderwoman77

    Hello there. I just moved to the knoxville area and I know hardly anyone here. Is anyone out there from here or near here? I would love to talk to you. Feel free to email me or reply to this message :)

  • Windchaser

    Hi, WW, I lived in Knoxville and went to the Vestal congregation, also went to the ones in Sevierville and Maryville. It's a beautiful area. Sorry I don't live there anymore and everyone I knew there are probably still jws. You might want to hook up with my husband #1. Ummmm, maybe not...depends on what you consider fun. He was df'd years ago and his ancestors pretty much founded the Gatlinburg area (his family lived in the Smoky Mountain National Park until they were all kicked out of there so that it could be, well, a park), so he could show you around. Just give him a six-pack and pay the gas and you will have a friend for life! If you are interested, let me know... [email protected].

  • wonderwoman77

    You are too funny windy :) Sorry not interested in your hubby 1, but thanks for the offer. wish you still lived here, we would have great times.

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