Now Even JW Men Are Going To Die At The Big A

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  • aintenoughwiskey
    I don't know what job is worse Elder or CO. I've seen many elders with stress etched on their face. Some with the 1000 yard stare. Plenty more neglecting their kids and wives. Who wants that? Where is the light load and easy burden of Matt 11:30? The WBT$ is taking a page right out of big business, FUD, fear uncertainty and doubt about your salvation. The only word that comes to mind is cruel, publicly shaming men because they don't want BS drama of appointment in their lives. I think this new Video stuff is in response to the lack of men. When I was invested, I often thought the MS should do most of the meeting parts and Elders focus on shepherding. Now I think it will be a video projector doing most of the parts, and Elders/MS doing other busy work.
  • tim3l0rd

    done4good18 hours ago

    Is not the proportion of men to women in the org something like 3.5 to 6.5? With this policy, it seems in the new world this might be something like 1 to 10...Hell, with that ratio, maybe I'll go back!

    I thought the same thing! Maybe I should stay and make it to elder. After the big A, the ratio of women to men will be so high that Jehovah will have to allow polygamy! The only problem is that I have keep parroting all the stuff that the GB spout and of course there teachings are false.

  • warehouse

    Splash wrote:

    Besides, if the GB stuck to the qualifications listed in the 1Tim 3 and Titus 1 then more 'would' qualify.They have replaced the Bible qualifications with their own, mostly unwritten, largely BoE specific requirements.


    It's so simple. They're so busy trying to prove their loyalty to the organization that they fail to prove their loyalty to gods word. I shake my head every time. Just follow the bible, why make it more complicated than has been set forth in the scriptures?

  • aintenoughwiskey
    The other thing that irkes me about statements like this, is the fact that these guys are all insulated from the reality of day to day life. If they had to deal with the crap we all have to, they might be singing a different tune. Not a care in the world. If Splane wants pizza at 4 in the morning, some shlub is getting a phone call. I would bet they get manicures, you know for the videos!
  • tim3l0rd

    They have been far removed from real life for most of their life. Yes they spent time pioneering and paying their own way, but I would bet most of them received assistance from someone who was working full time. Eventually, though, they became employees of the org and had all of their expenses cared for and received plenty of supplements from others. I've heard the story so many times from those that were in Bethel or who served as missionaries or special pioneers that they received gifts (at just the right time of course) or cash or plane tickets. There is no way this organization could continue if everyone followed in their example, found part-time work, and pioneered. There would not be enough money coming in to run Bethel or support the missionaries.

    The guilt is just another way to trap people and coerce them into doing what they want. Funny how JWs readily spout how Jesus taught that the Law put on people and his load is light, but don't see how the organization, specifically the GB, have returned to adding on a heavy load.

  • Vidiot

    About a year ago, they said that if a brother isn't "reaching out" to be at least an MS, he wasn't husband material (i.e. he'd have a nonexistent sex life).

    I guess that didn't work; now they're saying that if a brother isn't "reaching out" to be at least an MS or an Elder, he's gonna be snuffed out in the Big A.

    Just how hard-up are they for "qualified" guys???

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