Is going clear worth watching?

by purrpurr 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • purrpurr

    I've been trying to wade through all two and a half hours of going clear. Thus far it seems to not criticize Scientology to much?

    Thoughts? Opinions please? Is it worth watching?

  • nonjwspouse
    It was worth it for me to watch along with my husband. Like others have said, it seems like the WT/jw on steroids. Just the disturbed look on his face when the mother was talking about her daughter made it worth it in my opinion.
  • flipper

    PURRPURR- Are you sure that you watched the same " Going Clear " that I or many others watched ? It doesn't criticize Scientology ? I thought it totally exposed Scientology as it told of the leader David Miscavige's beatings of members and how he sent goons out to " discipline " and isolate Scientology members who " misbehaved ". Like the woman who had to scrub toilet seats with a toothbrush as discipline, or the man who had to mop restroom floors with his tongue.

    Is it worth watching ? Hell yes it's worth watching as it exposes the workings of a dangerous mind control cult ! There are many high level actors and actresses on " Going Clear " who escaped Scientology and they explain how they and others were abused. I don't think the program went " light " on Scientology at all ! I think that maybe you need to watch the program again to see what you might have missed

  • jws

    Absolutely worth it. I was sad to see time was running out when it ended.

    It's another cult like JWs that I hope fades. These people, IMO, are more dangerous than JWs and I hope they fade. Many of these things change with each leader (like Russell to Rutherford to Knorr and so on). I hope succeeding ones lose their grip.

    And it does have parallels to other religious people, including JWs. The ability of people to accept utter nonsense. And their ability in some cases to harm others physically, emotionally, or financially. All because of religion. It's like one Trekkie beating up another because they prefer Kirk to Picard. It's all make-believe and people shouldn't harm others over it.

  • purrpurr

    Ok so I watched all of it. It took me about 20;mins to get into it.

    Very worth worth, so many parallels to the WT

    One thing I didn't understand was at the end they said that membership of ST isgoing down while its money goes up and a strategy of ST is that they are buying up loads of real estate. I don't understand this? Why are they buying up loads of real estate?

    BTW I do see the parallels between them and the WT in that regard too, but I don't understand why they are doing it?

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