How many of us stayed in the organization longer than necessary for these other reasons?

by John Aquila 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Naoscillator

    "I'll get her out, she's worth the wait."

    I feel the same way towards mine. The organization, like so many others, intercepts people's naturally occurring good will and shamelessly uses it for its own ends. Once freed, my wife would most likely volunteer or do social work or counseling in some place where she can make a real difference. Just one reason to be patient with TTATT.

  • goingthruthemotions

    I still go to this cult because of my wife, she guilts herself into going. she know exactly how i feel and i have told her on many occasions;

    1. I go to support her, because she feels it's important to her.

    2. I have told her on many occasions that, if i could turn back time and never get involved in this cult i would do it.

    But, like i said....95% of the time we have a great relationship and very rarely talk about the cult.

    in the famous words of CHER: IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME!

  • PorkyFree

    I was in for 47 years, and only just woke up with the myriad of changes to teaching - initially started by the "overlapping generations" thing. The biggest challenge has been loss of friends. Some of them just cut us immediately, even though we tried to fade out, not DA.

    when you realize how shallow the "love" is, and that a human organization has more pull, then you really get a wake up call !

    hypocrisy is alive & well it seems

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