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  • iwasblind

    SORRY this is duplicate because I posted the other one in Private and did not mean to.

    Hey Guys,

    Fade started.

    No longer the cobe as of this week. Had the CO last week and managed to relieve myself of it. No red flags were raised.

    First time in 10 years - I can't wait to stop pioneering, that is the next step to happen - probably in the next month or two.

    Plan to stay an elder till we are closer to the fade - hoping to free up some mental space now.

    Keep you posted. Thanks for your support
  • Daniel1555

    Very good.

    Take it step by step.

    I was an elder too. It was such a relief when I stepped backbas an elder.

    Even more so now as I completely faded.

    I wish you all the best.

  • JakeM2012
    Great Progress, keep us posted how you are faring.

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