The World Empire of False Religion, isn't this the Antitype of Babylon the Great?

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  • Quarterback
    Do you ever think that this one will be dropped as a Old View?
  • Finkelstein

    Most likely since the Jehovah's Witnesses falls into that description.

    Jesus himself warned that there would be false prophets who say they speak through him and to not listen to these false prophets. So the Jehovah's Witnesses are essentially part of Babylon the Great.

    The JWS even joined the UN which by their own proclamation is the Harlot that rides on top of Babylon the Great.

  • BluesBrother
    "Something that is represented by a symbol."...antitype as defined byOxford Dictionary on line (in our meaning anyway. It can also mean an opposite)So, religion is certainly , in the dub view, represented by "the whore of Babylon) So it is an antitype without the name.
    Will they drop that? Possibly if pressure from legal dept or their public image is questioned. Not yet though
  • Magnum

    I don't think the Babylon the Great / world empire of false religion teaching is a type/antitype according to the way the org uses the terms. The account of Babylon the Great is prophecy. The org used to draw its type/antitype relationships from narrative accounts - that is, accounts that just decribe events and are not directly prophetc.

    For example, Abraham went to the well to water his camels. That is narrative. It's describing an event that actually happened. It's not prophecy; that is, it's not foretelling somehing that has not yet happened.

    Yet, formerly, the org might have said that there were antitypes of Abraham, the camels, the water, etc. But it seems that it's not doing that anymore. But that does mean that it (the org) is not looking for the fulfillments of passages that are prophetic.

    The main point that has to be remembered is that some parts of scripture are narrative accounts; they are descriptions of events that actually happened. Other parts of scripture are directly prophetic, like the account of Babylon the Great. The writer of that account is not narrating the story of something that actually happened from which the org (in the past) might have drawn antitypes. That account is prophetic of something to happen some time after its writing, so the org's teaching on that should not be affected by the dropping of a lot of the type/antitype stuff.

    Note: Others might define "type" and "antitype" differently. I'm just relating the way I think the org uses the terms.

  • FusionTheism

    Magnum is right.

    The Society (as far as I can tell) is doing away with all Types and Antitypes not mentioned in the Bible, UNLESS the Society views the account as a prophecy.

    Then it can still have an antitypical fulfillment.

  • Quarterback

    Good points, friends


  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    Actually this is not a type anti type example (within the scope of the faith in question anyway).

    the harlot literally represents all false religion. It culminates with dominating the planet for a time before falling from grace. This domination is believed to have been accomplished by the church and her fall is when the church no longer had power. This based on the book, The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop, a man with a large bias against the church who's opinion shouldn't have been respected as much of anything. Hislop did not see the harlot as an antitype at all, it was believed by him to literally be the Catholic Church and this belief was inherited by the JW faith.

  • Finkelstein

    So then the type spoken about in the bible was Babylon the Great and the antitype came out to be the Watchtower Corporation !

    Now that makes sense !

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