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    HERE IT IS: ... JFR sent a telegram to the book printer in Hammond, Indiana to CEASE all production of The Finished Mystery book ... at which time 100,000 copies were already printed ... and JFR had the plates with the objectionable pages changed. Nevertheless, JFR ordered the 'revised' edition placed in storage and not distributed ... but wait, rest of the Blockbuster is coming ...

    AND then ... JFR personally contacted the US Attorney, Mr. Buchner and wrote to the Attorney General at the US Dept. of Justice ... AND "WHY" did JFR need to contact Caesar regarding anything? ... are you ready? ...

    ... To ask the Dept of Justice to advise him (JFR) on anything that might be objectionable in the book, "The Finished Mystery" ... (Note: When the Government objected to this communication being admitted into Defense evidence - one of the few Government objections the Judge sided with the Defense in this so-called WTS railroad job.) ...

    The Dept. of Justice writes back to JFR: After receiving JFR's letter requesting Government guidance and direction on what was objectionable in "The Finished Mystery" book, the Government declines to comment on the book, or give any guidance as to what might be objectionable ...

    but wait ... there is even more ...

    What did JFR then decide to do? Not having any direction from Satan's system of things as to what is proper to publish, deep in that time of the end where spiritual meat in due season was expected by Jehovah's waiting throngs: ... Did JFR proceed to publish this SPIRIT-DIRECTED work from the Lord? ... NO!!!

    JFR then talked this over with the entire Board of Directors of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, and they, as the collective representatives of the Anointed, in essence the Governing Body of the Bible Students, decided together to cease ALL publication and distribution of "TheFinished Mystery" book ... until such time they received further direction from Caesar's authorities, the Devil's organization, to approve what was objectionable and not objectionable ...

    Was JFR now satisfied that he was really sure of Caesar's directions over his publication of "The Finished Mystery"? Why no! JFR then sends a 'Special' representative from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society to try again to get guidance from the Government and ascertain what parts of the book the Government would approve and what part was objectionable!

    Yes, in JFR's defense he was trying to show that he was not trying to be 'seditious' but in so doing ... JFR showed who's direction, opinion, and guidance he sought in publishing this all-important seventh volume of Studies in the Scriptures ... meat in due season! with Caesar's guidance! Yep! There you have it JFR Trial, Pages 964-967, Sect. 2892-2901.

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    glad you are feeling better and back up to your old tricks!!

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    Was JFR not wanting to "fulfill prophesy" in jail anymore? Thanks for this research. Word to the wise, investigate a religion's history before handing over heart, soul, mind.

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    Hi amazing.

    Please, when will you write a book or made a website on this story ???? ;-)



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