Young Jesus

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    In the new publication "Jesus - The Way, the Truth, the Life", page 23 Jesus is pictured as a young boy when the astrologers visit. How old do you guess him to be there? I'd say 4 years old. But Herod's command was to kill all boys younger than 2. The illustrator forgot the bible context for this picture? :-D

    Also interesting that they have "Joseph and Mary remain in Bethlehem" (top page 20). But that's not very logical if just Joseph needed to go there to register / pay taxes. They were living in Nazareth initially, so why not go back when duty's paid?

    I was curious how Watchtower would resolve the inconsistency between Matthew and Luke (it's impossible for both accounts to be correct about Jesus' birth narrative). Their cleverly disguised attempt is on page 25: "Apparently, Joseph intends that his family settle in Judea, perhaps near the town of Bethlehem, where they were living before they fled to Egypt." This completely bypasses that they were originally from Nazareth. Interesting that they see the need to explain this detail in Matthew about Joseph not wanting to go back to Judea; but make up a new story about them remaining living in/near Bethlehem for some time to make it all fit. This is nowhere in the both accounts. Matthew implies they were living in Bethlehem already (astologers visit a house, not a stable like Luke), and later go to live in Nazareth because of the supposed baby genocide. Luke has them living in Nazareth, going to Bethlehem to register themselves, going to the temple and back to Nazareth.

    This suggests to me that the writers at Watchtower are very well awake to this inconsistency but purposefully deny facts and invent new stuff to glue everything together.

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